A Year Ago Nobody Knew W...
A Year Ago Nobody Knew W...

A Year Ago Nobody Knew W...

A year ago nobody knew who I was. Now I have: • 70k+ followers and get • DMs from people who wanna pay me $10,000+/mo for my services. Give me 4 minutes and I’ll show you how to: • Create UNIQUE content • Grow your acc FAST • Get ENDLESS clients. A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

Let me begin with this: I don’t write sales pages for clients anymore. Not for $10,000 and not for more. Do not DM me about that. Now let’s move on. What’s the magic move that allowed me to grow 70k followers ORGANICALLY in one year… And get ENDLESS clients? (View Tweet)

Here’s the secret: A zoom call. Sounds silly. But one zoom call is the key to EVERYTHING. You see… Here’s where you struggle: • Creating unique content • Growing your account • Getting clients. Yes? One zoom call will fix it ALL. But… Not with me. Lemme explain: (View Tweet)

Last week a friend told me he’s struggling. He understood the concept of creating content. He also understood the concept of creating UNIQUE and VALUABLE content. And finally he understood that those two will get him clients. But here’s where he struggled: (View Tweet)

“I can’t create valuable content. Definitely not unique. I can’t do what you’re doing.” Why not? I asked. “Because all your content is based on your experiences. And that’s why it works so well.” I understand him. But will you believe me if I told you this… (View Tweet)

If I erase ALL the memory from my brain… Erase all my connections. Delete this Twitter account… But remember this framework… I could grow a new account in lightning speed on ANY PLATFORM? Would you believe me? You wouldn’t. Good. Let me show you how: (View Tweet)

Let’s imagine you’re a copywriter (this would work with ANY another profession)… And you know SOME copy. You’re far from being an expert. But you read a book or two… Some Twitter threads… Etc… Here’s what you do to create ENDLESS unique content while getting clients: (View Tweet)

You find ONE person who might need your expertise. ONE. Any ONE. Any niche. Any number of followers. Any business. You find ONE person who could benefit from a one-on-one call with you. Is that difficult to do? No. Right? And here’s what you tell this person: (View Tweet)

“Hey. I saw that you were (saying anything about a topic you can provide value in). I could help with that. Wanna jump on a zoom tomorrow? No charge. No selling. Just wanna help.” How difficult would it be to find ONE person to say yes to that? Not difficult. Yes? Then… (View Tweet)

You jump on the call. And RECORD it. Or write down (or remember) what you talk about. Now. On the call itself you only do one thing. You ask “how can I help you?” And listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. And only then… Talk. Provide the value you’ve promised. That’s all. But… (View Tweet)

You don’t sell. You don’t offer your services. You don’t. You just provide the value. Here’s the magic you’ve created. Ready? You have an hour long call recorded (or written down) with your IDEAL client. Here’s what you do next: (View Tweet)

You can literally create 100s of tweets from that one call. Yes. Hundreds. I mean it. But here’s the kicker: These would not be copy-pasted BS tips. No. These would be tweets that hit your ideal clients directly in their pain point. Why? (View Tweet)

Because now you’ve done your market research. And you know exactly where they’re struggling. Then… You write a thread about the call. Without naming names or businesses. Just like I do in most of my threads. And here’s the kicker: (View Tweet)

The person you’ve been on the call with? If you provided good value… There’s a 50-50 chance for THEM to ask you if you want to work with them. Your tweets and threads? They grow your account while having more people like your ideal client wanting calls with you. So… (View Tweet)

You repeat the process. You talk to another ideal client. Again. Free of charge. Same way. You create content around the call. And again. You have a chance that new call would want to work with you. And again you’re tweeting RELEVANT and UNIQUE content. And then… (View Tweet)

You continue this process until you get a client. Then two. And you tweet about your journey with them. The same way. But now you’re getting paid for it. And your audience grows. More and more eyeballs consume your UNIQUE content. And here’s the funniest part: (View Tweet)

You may think to yourself: “Good in theory. Won’t work in reality.” In that case… Nice to meet you. My name’s George. 70k+ followers. This is THE EXACT method I used to get to this point. Scroll back on my timeline. You’ll see that’s exactly what I did. From day one. (View Tweet)

Now let me sell you a little dream: If you do this for long enough… And you don’t slack off… While getting better and better at your craft… You’ll soon get more DMs than you can handle. With people literally throwing money at you. More and more and more. Now… (View Tweet)

Wanna see how I do this process in real life? I’ll write a thread showing you exactly how I had a call with a guy… And then how I created a ton of content from that one convo. Will write that thread if this one gets 600 RTs. Go! (View Tweet)

Here’s the link to the thread by the way 👇 (View Tweet)

Oh and don’t forget to join 72,000+ people who read my tweets and threads. Follow @GrammarHippy and don’t miss my next thread 😉 (View Tweet)