How to Craft Slam-Dunk O...
How to Craft Slam-Dunk O...

How to Craft Slam-Dunk O...

How to craft slam-dunk offers without overcomplicating it: 99% of your competitors aren’t doing this. A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

There are four steps when it comes to creating offers that outsell competition. Every-single-time. Now there are good news… and bad news. The good news are that if you do this correctly? People will call you a marketing wiz with amazement in their eyes. The bad news? (View Tweet)

You intuitively might not like the two rules you have to follow: Niche down Do your market research Yeah. Unfortunately you can’t create a slam-dunk offer without those two. You can create an “almost” irresistible offer. But not a slam-dunk one. Here’s why: (View Tweet)

Slam-dunk offers have to be SPECIFIC. Meaning? To one type of audience. Playing on the strings of ONE pain point or objection. Makes sense? Now let me show you the 4 steps to creating slam-dunk offers: (View Tweet)

Step 1: don’t sell your service. Step 2: find an objection or pain point with EXISTING offers for your potential clients. Step 3: talk about THAT. Step 4: create a win-win guarantee (risk reversal). Now let’s dig into those with examples: (View Tweet)

You’re selling real estate. Your competitors will do this: “We’re the best real estate agency in the town. 20 years of experience” Awful. Why? Because all their competitors say the exact same thing. So what do you do to win? You follow the 4 steps: (View Tweet)

Step 1: don’t sell real estate Step 2: find a pain point or objection Now what’s a pain point of the real estate industry? IAsk any realtor. Or potential client. They’ll give you several answers. But let’s take one: “Inability to sell the property in set time”. Right? So… (View Tweet)

Now we look at step 3. “Talk about THAT”. Meaning? Your whole sales message should be about how you’re able to sell properties ON TIME. If you have a logical explanation (mechanism) - it’ll work wonders. But it’ll work even if you don’t. Here’s how: (View Tweet)

Step 4: create a guarantee. Meaning? “If we don’t sell your property within 90 days we’ll pay you $5,000” Now you can test different guarantees and see what works best. But… The guarantee has to be based on the PAIN POINT. NOT the service. Makes sense? More examples: (View Tweet)

A biker comes to buy a new helm. You ask him why. He says “I don’t hear well when speaking on the phone on the bike” Perfect! What do you sell him? A helmet? Or the seal-proof helmet specifically made for hearing well when on a bike? Get the idea? So… (View Tweet)

What if you want to make a risk-free guarantee? “Take the helmet on a ride. Call a friend. Come back after one hour to return it if you don’t hear well” How easy is it to sell this way? Right? Now. More examples: (View Tweet)

The renovation industry: What you don’t sell: renovation. What you do sell: the pain point. What’s the pain point? One could be that ALL renovators are NEVER on time. Perfect! So what we sell is how we’re always on time. Remember to add a mechanism if possible. Meaning? (View Tweet)

Answer this: “WHY can we always be on time?” And then… Add a guarantee. Meaning? “WHAT happens if we’re not on time?” So you add: “if we don’t finish the renovation by set time we’ll pay you $50 for every additional day we’re late” Now. Wanna make it stronger? (View Tweet)

Paint a picture in the prospect’s mind. Show them how AMAZING it would be if you’re late on your promise. Make them almost WANT you to be late. Here’s how you paint a picture specifically for our last example. The renovation industry: (View Tweet)

“We’ll pay you $50 for every day we’re late so that you can sit on the beach sipping pina-coladas while we’re working hard to make your dream apartment come to life.” And then you can add: “That’s $1,500/mo. More than you’d earn if you rented the apartment.” (View Tweet)

Makes sense? Find the GAP between what you’re selling and what your customers are afraid of. Create an offer that fills that gap. And then create a guarantee that makes it impossible for the client to lose. Hope this makes sense. Now… (View Tweet)

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