I Got Married 4 Months A...
I Got Married 4 Months A...

I Got Married 4 Months A...

I got married 4 months ago. Our wedding planner made the PERFECT wedding for us. So I spent 30 minutes helping grow her business. She blew up her business by 15x in a month. Here are the 3 things I taught her that you can use for your business. A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

The first 5 minutes of our meeting were all about me getting to know her business. I had to - if I was gonna give her any advice. So I asked her several questions that would help me. Here they are: (View Tweet)

• Where are you getting traffic? • Who are you targeting? • What landing page are you sending them to? • What does the lander look like? • How do you capture the lead? • How much does a lead cost? • How many leads do you close? • Who’s your ideal customer? Wanna laugh? (View Tweet)

She didn’t know the answers to 50% of those questions 😂 Just like most business owners. So let me tell you the answers in no particular order. Some she answered - some I had to figure out by myself. Here are the answers: (View Tweet)

She was getting traffic from Google. Targeting the keyword “wedding” + (country). She sent them to a long page. Her home page. They had to leave their phone number and wait for her to call. She was closing 50% of the leads. And… (View Tweet)

Her ideal customers were couples who came for two days. To get married - and go back to their home country. Now when I was armed with all the details.. I could tell her exactly what to do in order to bury her competition under 50 feet of dirt. And she did: (View Tweet)

Awareness level of the audience Her page was selling the COUNTRY that she was planning the weddings in. But… People who got to her lander already knew that they wanted the country. So she just bore them to death. Like all the competitors. Here’s what we did: (View Tweet)

We completely deleted everything about the country and instead? We tried to find her USP. We did. And that’s where #2 comes in: (View Tweet)

I wanted to build her a short page that would speak directly to her target audience with her USP. So instead of saying why “she’s the best” and “personal care” and other useless crap everyone writes on their pages? We wrote two sentences: (View Tweet)

Grab two pairs of underwear and socks and a flight ticket. In 48 hours you’ll be back in your home country with a marriage certificate. See why? Because that was her ideal customer. Couples who wanted to just speed the process up. That’s all they cared about. Now… (View Tweet)

There was another problem I saw with the page. The page converted at 3%. Awful. I had a feeling that in her niche it’s not “the best” lander that gets the lead. But it was the one who responds first. Who the hell wants to leave their phone number and wait? So… (View Tweet)

We changed the contact options. She only had a “leave your phone number” field. What we did is we put a WhatsApp option above the contact box. “Send us a message and we’ll respond immediately”. That’s all we did. Aaand… all of this took like 20 minutes. (View Tweet)

The next 10 minutes were spent on us arguing whether she should add an option for people to DM her on Instagram. She didn’t wanna. I insisted. Because some of her target countries didn’t use WhatsApp. But were heavy on Instagram. What happened next? (View Tweet)

We paid for the meal and my wife gave her a tip wayyy too big. But here’s the problem: She called us a month later to tell us that she grew her business x15. And thanked us. But… We’re still waiting for our wedding photos because she’s so busy with new clients 😂 (View Tweet)

Here’s a quick recap: • Check awareness level • Know target audience • Find USP • Show USP first line • Remove “we are the best” crap • Find out what matters to the leads. In our case it was to be able to message and not wait. • Add contact options your audience wants (View Tweet)

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