I Took a Business From 3...
I Took a Business From 3...

I Took a Business From 3...

I took a business from 3 leads/week to 100 leads PER DAY. While spending LESS money on ads. How? I flipped their funnel upside-down. And you can learn to do the same: A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

Context: This was a beauty spa. They had more services and products than I could count. Massages… Facial treatments… Botox… Spas… Creams… They even did nail gel. They tried god knows how many agencies… And they all made the same mistake: listening to the biz owner… (View Tweet)

I asked the biz owner: “What do you want me to advertise?” She said “everything”. I said no. After she barked a couple of words at me in a language I didn’t understand… I could finally explain to her that we need to market ONE thing. She agreed: (View Tweet)

“I want to market the full-body laser hair removal”. I smiled. “Because it’s your most expensive service?” She said yes. I said no. It was a delightful conversation for both of us :) Here’s what I told her: “Can you trust me? Give me 3 days to do whatever I want.” (View Tweet)

He agreed. And I did this: I figured out what her lowest-ticket AND lowest-cost service was. It was a facial treatment. Essentially the only cost was the woman’s salary. Good. I told the biz owner to slap on a sign at the entrance of her spa. The sign would say this: (View Tweet)

“Grand re-opening”. Then I went to stock footage and got a couple of images of facial treatment. I wrote a quick ad: “Due to our grand re-opening we offer a FREE facial treatment to the first 20 who sign up”. Guess what happened? (View Tweet)

$3 spent. 20 leads. I stopped the campaign and told the biz owner: “You’re probably gonna get AWFUL leads. But call ‘em. See if they book a meeting.” Her secretary called the leads up and scheduled a couple of meetings. The biz owner was happy. But I told her: (View Tweet)

“Those leads are probably not gonna show up. So while you’re waiting for them to show up… Lemme test something else”. I tested the same ad with 3 more variations of price instead of the free: One: price $7 Two: price $17 Three: price $27 Can you guess what happened? (View Tweet)

The $17 one got MORE leads than the $7 and $27 ones. That’s why you test price. But that’s not all. I wanted to also know how many of the leads from each price point we’re gonna schedule AND come to a facial. And can you guess which price worked best? (View Tweet)

Yep. The $27 price point leads had a MUCH higher show up rate. But… Then the biz owner came to me and said: “Good job marketer. So now I got a lot of leads that are coming in for me to lose money on them.” “Good job.” I smiled. Sat her down. And explained: (View Tweet)

The difficult part is to get people through the door. Even more difficult is to get them to open up their wallet. Once you have those two? People are gonna ASK YOU how they can buy more services. All you have to do? Is to let them know that you have other services :) And… (View Tweet)

If you can… Ask your worker who’s doing the facial treatments to try and connect with her patients… Ask them what else they’d like to do when it comes to their beauty… And even offer a discount if they buy anything RIGHT ON THE SPOT. Wanna know what happened? (View Tweet)

The campaign brought in about 100 leads per day. They booked like 40 meetings each day. About 15 arrived. And here’s the kicker. You ready? Out of every 20 women who walked in to her spa… 1 would buy her MOST EXPENSIVE service: the full body laser hair removal. Now… (View Tweet)

I was spending about $20 a day to get 100 leads. That’s $140/week. That’s 700 leads per week. 15% show up rate is 105 show ups every week. That’s 5.25 purchases of full-body hair removal. She sold it for $2,200. So 5.25 x $2,200 = $11,550/week. From one lousy campaign. (View Tweet)

And that’s without all the creams and other products and services she sold in there. Now… Obviously she also had costs. The secretary who was calling… The workers salaries… Rent… And everything else. BUT! If she would try to optimise the processes… (View Tweet)

She could at least DOUBLE the show-up rate. And she could easily double the rate of people who buy something else from her. So what’s my point? Here’s my point: Marketers SUCK because they don’t understand this little thing… (View Tweet)

Marketing is not slapping an ad and spending some money to get people to see it. Or at least that’s not what I call marketing. Marketing is strategy. That’s the difference between 3 leads per week that god knows how many agencies got her before I came… And 100 leads/day. (View Tweet)

Once you understand this… You can market ANYTHING on this planet. And the best way to get really good at understanding strategy? Is doing it. The second best way? Follow and read @GrammarHippy threads 😉 (View Tweet)

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