I Wrote Copy for Dozens...
I Wrote Copy for Dozens...

I Wrote Copy for Dozens...

I wrote copy for dozens of information product funnels. There’s one thing that sky-rocketed conversions more than anything else. Every single sales page should have this: A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

Now before I tell you what it is… I’m assuming that the product is something your market wants. And it has a good USP and a good big idea. Otherwise… Nothing will work regardless of this one element. But if everything’s in place? This will increase sales. By a lot: (View Tweet)

You need to understand one thing. Information products — are information. Information is free on YouTube. More often than not? The SAME information you’re selling. So you need to do one thing to give that information real value: Tell what that value is. How? (View Tweet)

We call it “perceived value”. Because something is only as valuable as the person perceives it. So how do you build perceived value? By showing the effort you put into getting that information. Yes. As simple as that. Here are the three easiest ways to do it: (View Tweet)

Time Write how long it took you to accumulate the information. Example: “I bought all the best email marketing courses. A total of 100 hours. Then I took only the best parts and put them in the course. It took me 3 months”. (View Tweet)

Effort Write about the amount of effort it took you to get that information. Example: “I wrote 1,000 emails to see what works best so you don’t have to. Inside are the best emails I wrote”. (View Tweet)

Money Write about how much it cost you to gather that information. Example: “I bought a one-on-one coaching from the best email marketer on the planet. It cost me $35,000. But you won’t have to pay that because…” (View Tweet)

If possible… Mix all three: Time + Effort + Money “I bought all the best email marketing courses. It cost me a total of $80,000. Then it took me 3 months to implement the lessons and after sending 1,000 emails… I picked out only the best ones that worked.” (View Tweet)

But please. I’m begging you. No BS stories. No “I walked 42 years through the desert to meet the shaman of email marketing who lives on the tallest hill…” People read through BS. And it’s not bad business practices. Only tell the truth. (View Tweet)

Try this method. I’ve used it to increase conversions by as much as 100% for some sales pages. Also don’t forget to follow me @GrammarHippy for more copywriting threads. (View Tweet)

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