If You Have Less Than 1,...
If You Have Less Than 1,...

If You Have Less Than 1,...

If you have less than 1,000 followers… And you’re spending your time writing tweets and threads… You’re doing it wrong. How I grew 35-60 followers per day when I had less than 1,000 followers: Almost without tweeting. A thread 🧵 << (View Tweet)

Big account grow simply by getting engagement on their tweets. Engagement shows their tweets to more people. They engage. Go into the Twitter profile - and follow. Their friends see it. They engage. And visit the profile - snowball. You can’t do that. (View Tweet)

Your tweets below 1,000 followers get very low engagement. If at all. So how do you grow? You use the engagement of big accounts. Here’s how you do it (and how I did it): (View Tweet)

Find 10-30 big accounts who have the followers that you want. Meaning - they’re in the same niche as you. Follow them. Turn notifications on. You have two goals: (View Tweet)

Goal number one: Be as early as you can on catching as many of their tweets as you can. The moment you see a notification - jump to their tweet. (View Tweet)

Goal number two: Reply. Your reply will now get a lot of their engagement. I have had replied that reached 10,000 views. But the key is to not make those mistakes when you reply: (View Tweet)

- Don’t use a one or two word banal reply - Don’t just say “yes” or “agree” or “congrats” - Don’t just “sum up” what they said - a lot of you are making that mistake. So what do you do? (View Tweet)

You add value. Here’s how: - Be entertaining - Add personal experience - Share your results The whole idea is to get people to click on your profile photo because your reply was interesting. But there’s more: (View Tweet)

If you don’t know how to do this… just funnel-hack other accounts. Here’s what I mean: Go to big accounts. Find who comments on them. Find an interesting comment. Go to their profile to “tweets and replies” tab. Check what they’re commenting on other accounts. Model them. (View Tweet)

But there’s more. Check your replies later. Look at their statistics. How many impressions. But mostly - how many profile clicks. Using these metrics you can understand which tweets work better. And which accounts you shout comment more on. Find what works. Scale. Get to 1K. (View Tweet)

But there’s one more thing. You want the people who click on your profile to “convert”. You want them to click follow after checking out your account. How do you do that? Three things you should take into consideration: (View Tweet)

Profile pic and cover photo. Should be good quality. Should match in colors - if possible. Cover photo should say what you’re all about. (View Tweet)

Bio Write something interesting AND specific that would catch the eye of your perfect potential follower. It can be: - your results - what you tweet about That’s it. I believe it should be one of those two. Or both. Remember: should be interesting to your profile visitor. (View Tweet)

You should have several interesting tweets. Something to show your potential value to the visitor. Also - make sure to tweet ANYTHING at least once every 24 hours. Nobody wants to follow a “dead” account. And most importantly: (View Tweet)

Have a pinned thread. Your masterpiece. The number one thing your audience would wanna see. Or know. Or learn from you. Pour 10 hours into writing that one if needed. It’s your biggest conversion element. In my eyes. And only then… (View Tweet)

You will be on track to 1,000 followers. But why do you want to get to that number? Because when you hit 1K followers - the game changes. Your account has enough “gas” to run on its’ own. Your tweets will start to organically bring you followers. So remember: (View Tweet)

The grind is only until you get to 1,000. And it’s not an easy grind. It takes some blood and tears. But it’s worth it. I promise. Put in the time. Meet you at the top 👌 (View Tweet)

Listen. There are a lot of people who struggle growing their Twitter. It’s not an easy grind. As you probably feel yourself. Especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. So please… let’s help them. Retweet the first tweet of this thread 👇 (View Tweet)