Interviewed a Guy Making...
Interviewed a Guy Making...

Interviewed a Guy Making...

Interviewed a guy making $100k/mo on Instagram. He got to that point FASTER than anyone I’ve ever seen. The reason? He has a repeatable process that you too can use. If… If you understand this… A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

He used four skills to accomplish this in record time: Content creation Positioning Copywriting Paid ads I talk about the first two a lot. But I’ll still give you some context: (View Tweet)

Content creation: The guy doesn’t write content like 99% of us. What he does is go against common beliefs. Most of his content goes AGAINST the popular beliefs and STANDS for what he does. You can do this in any niche if you understand “tribe building”. (View Tweet)

Positioning: He’s not another guy in his industry. He positioned himself as the guy who does ONE specific thing. And although you could argue that lowers his potential buyer base… It doesn’t. His content convinces EVERYONE to go with him. (View Tweet)

Copywriting: He built a quick sales page that he uses INSIDE his content. Meaning? Practically each piece of content becomes an ad. He breaks a belief - tells you what he stands for - and asks for the sale. Each time from a unique perspective. (View Tweet)

Paid ads: This has two parts: 4a. He uses ads to promote his CONTENT. And he understands economics: In his case? He is getting a follower for $0.60. And his product costs $79. Meaning? He can BUY 131 followers with each sale he gets. Here’s how: (View Tweet)

One of 131 followers should convert to a buyer. As long as this number works in real life? He can keep spending more and more on ads. Being break-even. Letting his upsells rake in the profit. But that’s not all… (View Tweet)

4b. Once he has nailed his messaging and positioning… He started running conversion ads. No content. Straight to a sales page. And as long as his CPA is below $79? He’s getting FREE followers just by people seeing his ad and clicking on his profile. Then… (View Tweet)

What this creates is a double-win. He’s selling his product profitably - while growing his account FOR FREE. His account generates more sales… So now he’s profitable with every dollar he spends and the money starts multiplying. That’s all. Sounds easy. But involves skills. (View Tweet)

Quick note: You can NOT use the same sales page for cold traffic as you use in your organic. Won’t work. Context is different. Awareness levels are different. The page should look different. Now tell me. What skills are you lacking to do this yourself? (View Tweet)

Thought to write this as a quick Christmas gift to my friends on this platform. My Christmas gift is when you retweet this thread :) Also don’t forget to follow me @GrammarHippy if you’re not yet. (View Tweet)