Is It Possible to Market...
Is It Possible to Market...

Is It Possible to Market...

Is it possible to market a business with ZERO market research? It is. If you understand three concepts: • The CopyThinking strategy • The brute-force strategy hackers use • And basic funnenology. Here’s how we marketed an accountant: A CopyTHINKING Thread 🧵<<< (View Tweet)

6 months ago a friend of mine calls me up: “George. I have an accountant who wants to get clients.” He continues… “Running ads straight to a consultation call doesn’t work. The cost is high and the close rate is low. What would you do?” Happy he asked: (View Tweet)

I’d build a socks-funnel. I explained to him what it means and I’ll explain to you the same thing: This is the CopyThinking part. Now class. What’s the goal of CopyThinking? “TO NOT COMPETE!!” You shout at the top of your lungs. Good class. How do we do that? (View Tweet)

Timmy raises his hand. “Well George… based on everything you taught us before - he has to niche down.” 5/10 for Timmy. Timmy gave us half an answer. Anyone else? Nobody? Ok class. Open your notebooks and write this down. It’s called a “socks funnel”: (View Tweet)

You have your main product that you wanna sell. Yes? In this case: accounting. We won’t be selling that product. Don’t look so surprised. You’re in CopyThinking class. We will be selling a different product. A product that has no competition. For that? We’ll use BRUTE FORCE. (View Tweet)

Know how hackers build softwares to crack passwords? They’ll just try to put in every possible number combination. One by one. Until one combination unlocks the password. But we’ll be smarter than that. CopyThinking. Remember? We’ll use our two relative advantages: (View Tweet)

Our brain. And our accountant. You see… The accountant has ALL the information you need. He just doesn’t know what to do with it. So by asking one smart question… We unlock the accountant’s potential. Here’s how. We asked him this question: (View Tweet)

“What’s the NUMBER ONE thing that surprises clients when they work with you?” The accountant said this: “Only one? My god. I have 20!” Good. Write ‘em down. And he goes… • What you can write off • How you can manage your accounting online • You can open an LLC abroad… (View Tweet)

And he wrote 17 more. Now you use your brain. What’s potentially relevant to someone who’d like to change their accountant? Lemme rephrase this: Why is your accountant a motherfrocker? Haha. This rephrase makes you go: “Why didn’t he ever tell me about THIS?” Good. (View Tweet)

Take the list of 20. Narrow ‘em down to the strongest ones. Run a simple ad for each one. For example: • Things you can write off Turns into an ad: • Check yourself: did your accountant ever tell you that you can write off those 17 HUGE expenses? BINGO! (View Tweet)

One of those ads will work. That’s the brute force part. Let’s get back to the CopyThinking part. The socks-funnel. You take your best ad and create a report around it. “17 huge expenses your accountant never told you about. $7.” Yes? Now… (View Tweet)

Why is it a socks-funnel? Because our main offer is an accounting service. And the 20 points? They are socks. You exchange them on a regular basis. Get 1,000 sales for one. It burns out. Run the next one. Get 1,000 sales. Run the next one. Makes sense? They’re like socks. (View Tweet)

And each socks leads you into the full dressing room. But remember… You’re not just another dressing room in the market. You’re a dressing room that people come to AFTER they liked your sock. Now they’re ready to commit: “Dress me up master.” Makes sense? Now… (View Tweet)

Why do you need to put your CopyThinking hat for this part? Simple. Because you still need to understand which audience you’ll be targeting with each sock ad. Their awareness levels. Sophistication levels. You need to come up with big ideas. And everything else. But… (View Tweet)

There’s also funnenology. Remember? You need to understand how to ascend buyers from socks to your main product. And let me share one quick lever you can pull on: Socks. You’ve created 10 or 20 socks. Yes? Some worked. Some didn’t. Some were amazing. But… (View Tweet)

You still have all of those socks. So here’s what you do: You keep suggesting different socks to the person who bought one sock in your email marketing. Take the blue sock. No? Ok there’s a shiny red one. Take it. No? I have a pair of majestic socks for you… Understand? (View Tweet)

You’re DEEPENING the funnel. And at any given point? You offer the dressing-room solution. In emails. Inside the sock-like products. Every time you offer the dressing-room and the person says “no”? Offer another sock. Offer the dressing-room again. It’s a loop. Also… (View Tweet)

Think of it this way: Each sock builds more and more trust. More and more value. We’re STACKING. And at some point our prospects are gonna crack. Just a matter of time. Our prospect will get a call from his accountant one morning… “George why didn’t you pay the fine?”… (View Tweet)

“Fine?” I’ll say… “What fine????” “Aren’t you my accountant and you should take care of those things?” “F you. You’re done. Bye!” See what happens? Your funnel is a consistent rock in an ever-changing reality for your prospect. Your funnel is always there. Whispering… (View Tweet)

“I’m here whenever you need me baby. Talk to me when your current accountant pisses you off..” Oh. And the accountant we were talking about? He sold 35 high-ticket consultations on month two since my friend started doing this strategy. $5k a pop. From practically zero. And… (View Tweet)

You can do this for any product. And market. Any niche. Anything. ESPECIALLY if it’s a difficult product to sell. Like accounting or law. Even interior design. Think. Have any ideas that come to mind? On how to market something you’ve struggled with maybe? Let me know below. (View Tweet)

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