It Took Me 16 Months To...
It Took Me 16 Months To...

It Took Me 16 Months To...

It took me 16 months to grow from 0 to 114K followers. But more importantly? I created an industry of one. And I have no clue how I did it. So I spent the last two weeks reverse-engineering myself. And here’s how I’d do it again (and you can too). A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

Let’s start at the very beginning. There’s only one way to not only grow quickly… But to cement yourself in people’s brains. You’re no longer ANOTHER copywriter. Or consultant. Or PPC guy. You’re THE guy. That’s what we’re trying to achieve. Yes? There’s ONE way to do so: (View Tweet)

Let me try to explain this concept in three parts. Part 1: Practice what you preach. Do whatever it is you’re branding yourself as - EVERY DAY. Get experience. Knowledge. Stories. Have all of those? Great. The next step is gonna be all about leveraging those. (View Tweet)

Part 2: Dig for fights. Look at the things you did. Your experience. And ask yourself: what did I do THAT WORKED goes against common beliefs? Meaning: What do gurus in my industry say… and how did I do the opposite while still succeeding? Good. Why? (View Tweet)

Now you’re gonna start building the ground-work. You’re gonna be doing two things. • Standing FOR what you did successfully • Standing AGAINST the opposite of what you did. And while you’re doing that… You’ll be looking for MORE things like that: (View Tweet)

Things you’re doing differently than the common belief in your market. • You find one thing • Stand for it • Stand against the opposing thing… And you continue going down that line. Building a portfolio of fights you pick with the gurus. Why does this work? (View Tweet)

Here’s why: By standing for something and going against the opposite… You’re creating a common enemy with your tribe. US against THEM. You’re polarizing your audience. Some love you. Some hate you. But the ones who love you? LOVE YOU. Deeply. Makes sense? Now… (View Tweet)

I know. Making enemies is not nice. But that’s the only way. The only way to REALLY do this properly. Politicians do this all the time. The biggest creators? The smart ones do. They pick ARTIFICIAL fights. Think about this for a second. Okay. Next step… (View Tweet)

Step 3: Build a tribe. It’s your job to sculpture your tribe’s beliefs. Enemies. Language. Turn your concepts into beliefs. Give them a name. Flame your tribe’s desires. Attack their enemies. Allow them to express themselves. It’s not YOUR tribe. It’s theirs. Now… (View Tweet)

Zoom out. If you’ve been following me for a minute… Think. That’s exactly what I did. Exactly how I did it. And it’s all 100% genuine. I don’t pick fights for the sake of it. I pick fights I truly believe in. It’s all authentic. Don’t try to take it. You’ll lose. But… (View Tweet)

You just have to remember one thing: Go through your day with this thread in mind. Reframe your thinking. Look for those little nuggets. ANYONE can build a magnetic personal brand using those concepts. Anyone. Now one last thought… (View Tweet)

Do you know what CopyThinking is? Think. What do you know about that concept? Those are not just two words I slapped together. There’s meaning behind them. Enemies. Allies. Language. Desires. You WANT to be part of that tribe. Don’t you? If you don’t? I suck at what I do. (View Tweet)

Now I’ll ask you one last time. Do you know what CopyThinking is? (View Tweet)

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