I've Written 7 Figure Sa...
I've Written 7 Figure Sa...

I've Written 7 Figure Sa...

I've written 7 figure sales pages. Some friends - 8 figure ones. And after going through all of them today? I have one piece of advice for you: Instead of looking at the sales page as a whole... ... Focus 90% of your time and effort on "the sandwich": A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

Most copywriters use a linear approach for their writing. They start writing… A word. And another word. And another… “All words are equal” in their eyes. But they’re wrong. Some words are not as important as others. And it’s important that you know this! (View Tweet)

Have you ever heard of "the big domino" effect? It's used in a lot of different fields. For example? In problem-solving: They say you should always think "what's the one decision I have to make in order to avoid many other small decisions". Well... (View Tweet)

There is such an effect in copywriting too. And here's my best way of explaining it: Think of a line of dominos. They’re standing one by one at a perfect distance between each piece… So that if you make the first one fall… they all fall one after the other. Makes sense? (View Tweet)

This is copywriting. The first domino is your hook (headline). Copywriters should spend more time writing the hook (headline) than the rest of the copy. Because without the first domino falling? Nothing else happens. Logical so far. Right? But what happens after the hook? (View Tweet)

The whole idea of good copywriting is knocking down those dominos in a seamless way. One-by-one... While telling a good story that "hides" those small dominos. They fall "organically". But what are those small dominos? Here are some of them: (View Tweet)

• Triggering emotions • Objection handling • Guarantee • Risk reversal • Testimonials • Positioning • Guilt removal • Common enemy • Mechanism And many more. All those are a result of good market research. But back to the original point: (View Tweet)

I called this the “sandwich” for a reason. Because the second element where you should spend most of your time is this: The offer. It should get almost as much time as the hook. Hook + Offer = The sandwich. And I’ll tell you even more: (View Tweet)

I can look at a piece of copy and just by judging those two elements… I can tell you with a 90% certainty whether it’s gonna work or not. And if I had to give you only two tips on how to make your hook and offer work… It would be those two: (View Tweet)

Dig deeper. Write your hook or offer. And ask yourself two questions: “Why?” “So?” Ask as many times as you have to. Eventually you’ll write such a good piece.. That you’ll just know. Jackpot! So lemme give you an example: (View Tweet)

Let’s say you’re selling a productivity course and your original hook is this: "Learn the six elements of productivity" Weak. Don’t you agree? Let’s ask “why?” Because you want to be more productive. Why? Because you want to make more money. Why? (View Tweet)

Why doesn’t work here. So I’ll switch it up to “so?” Because you want to make more money. So? Being productive will allow me to make more money. Perfect! So here’s our old hook: "Learn the six elements of productivity" And here’s our new hook: (View Tweet)

"Learn the six elements of productivity so you can make more money" It’s nice… But not good enough. Right? So here comes my next tip. This tip will make it 10 times stronger! Ready? Here's tip number two: (View Tweet)

Be ultra-specific Let’s take our new hook. "Learn the six elements of productivity so you can make more money" How do you make it more specific? You ask “who is it for?” And right after: “how much”? So let’s try this: Who is this for? (View Tweet)

Let’s say it’s for course creators. Perfect. Now we can write a new hook. "Learn the six elements of productivity so you can make more money as a course creator" Now let’s ask a quantitive question. “How much?” Let’s say you can make 3 times more money with those elements. (View Tweet)

"Learn the six elements of productivity so you can make 3 times more money as a course creator" Good. Now let’s rephrase it to look better: "How course creators make 3 times more money with these 6 productivity tips" Now let’s compare: (View Tweet)

Old hook: "Learn the six elements of productivity" New hook: "How course creators make 3 times more money with these 6 productivity tips" Now. Which would sell better? No doubt the new one. But all we did was ask a couple of questions. Cool ha? Now... (View Tweet)

Here's what you need to remember: Keep digging. Write down at the very least a dozen hooks on a piece of paper. If it's a big promotion? Probably 100. You'll hit gold eventually. But... This is just the hook. Now let's talk about the second element of the sandwich: (View Tweet)

The offer. Now there are A LOT of elements to a good offer. More than I could count. And more than I know. But here are a few to get you ahead of 99.9% of the copywriters out there. I see three main elements that you have to nail to get a good offer. Here they are: (View Tweet)

New opportunity If you've tried losing weight by running... You're not buying another running program. Even if the best copywriter in the world wrote the sales page. Why? Because "it doesn't work for me". So it has to be a NEW opportunity. Not an improvement one. (View Tweet)

Solve the BIG problem. If you're solving a small problem? Nobody cares. It has to be a big and emotional problem. Again. Notice the words I use: BIG problem. Get the idea? (View Tweet)

The way you solve it. For example: Big problem: Copywriting. Solution: Copywriting course. Would that work? For some. But for others? They would want a personal touch with a professional copywriter. Give 'em the solution the way (HOW) they want it. Makes sense? (View Tweet)

Listen. I wanna write another thread for you. One that goes deeper. And it could be one of two: Market research Offer creation You choose. But... I never wanted to share this information on Twitter. So... I will write it only if this thread gets 500 retweets. So... (View Tweet)

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