Own the Day, Own Your Life
Own the Day, Own Your Life

Own the Day, Own Your Life

“At dawn, when you have trouble getting out of bed, tell yourself: ‘I have to go to work—as a human being. What do I have to complain of, if I’m going to do what I was born for—the things which I was brought into the world to do? Or is this what I was created for? To huddle under the blankets and stay warm?’” (Location 177)

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an analysis of eight randomized controlled trials showed insufficient evidence that the reduction of salt in one’s diet prevented cardiovascular death or disease. (Location 235)

Everyone would have to go to bed shortly after it gets dark (for most of us equator huggers, that’s around 9:00 p.m.) and wake up when it’s light (around 6:00 a.m.). (Location 271)

He got into the light every time he woke up—from sleep or from a nap. (Location 283)

For most of primate history (including our brief history as human primates) we had things trying to fight us, hunt us, and kill us—whether animal, environmental, or fellow man. (Location 407)

It’s good to have reference points to keep you on track. Tony Robbins has a boatload more responsibility (Location 670)

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disease. In case you missed that, let me repeat—no evidence that saturated fat increases heart disease. (Location 825)

The fats and the protein are the only good parts of dairy for an adult human. (Location 878)

During any fast period, it is fine to drink liquids that don’t have calories, and even an MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil or coconut oil is acceptable as a fuel source (see chapter 6 for more information on these valuable oils). (Location 976)

blood pressure, body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, (Location 3257)

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Wanting more sex than we normally have is part of the natural order. It’s when we start having less sex than we normally should, which we’re seeing now, that things really start to go sideways. (Location 3960)

More sex is something that everyone can get behind (or on top of, or underneath) regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation. When couples are asked why they don’t have more sex, often you’ll hear them say they don’t have the time. I call bullshit! If you want to have sex, you will find the time. (Location 4028)

Eat fat. To synthesize hormones like testosterone, the body requires adequate production of saturated fat and cholesterol. The connection between the two is so strong that one study showed that you can get testosterone levels to drop with a low-fat diet and bounce back on a high-fat diet. We should have hammered this point home by now, but just in case you need to hear it a different way, here you go: eating healthy fats won’t make you chubby, but it will definitely help you get one. (Location 4065)

In fact, it’s only partially related to the act itself. The majority of the pathway to better sex lies in the quality of your interactions with a potential partner all the way up to the point that sex occurs. (Location 4094)

In a relationship that struggles with polarity—let’s say a couple that has two dominant personalities, both with strong careers, and similar characteristics in bed—adding power exchange can be the air that allows the flame of passion to ignite. There are many methods and means by which you can play the game, but these are the basic strategies: (Location 4136)

For a man, purely physical sexual pleasure comes down to friction. Controlling the rhythm and pressure of the friction during intercourse is a skill that women, especially, are able to practice by squeezing the muscles of the pelvic floor. (Location 4161)

For men, the goal of the squeeze is something different. Training the PC muscles has been shown to increase the hardness of erections. The control of contractions works as a kind of pump to increase blood flow through the shaft. But the real magic happens when a man is able to use this skill to indefinitely delay ejaculation. (Location 4166)

Better methods for orgasm control are required. The way I see it, you have three choices. The first choice is simply, when you are getting close, to slow down or stop, shift your focus to oral or manual stimulation for your partner, and then restart when the engine isn’t quite so hot. This is basic brinksmanship, as the terminology goes. (Location 4172)

For those looking for a Kegel training regimen, check out the app Kegel Camp; otherwise practice three-second contractions in sets of ten, as often as you think about it. As you advance, practice holding the contractions longer than three seconds. In the meantime, while you build up your Kegel strength, there is a third method that can accomplish something similar. (Location 4177)

And as we discussed in the last chapter, the chemical that controls that is a molecule called nitric oxide. (Location 4189)

More nitric oxide equals more dilation, equals more blood flow. For dinner we talked about eating pro-sex foods that contained nitric-oxide-boosting qualities, and this is why. It’s basically natural, full-body Viagra (which itself actually works by capitalizing on the local release of nitric oxide during sexual pleasure and enhancing the effects). (Location 4191)

Even laughing or watching funny movies can increase it. Interestingly, watching stressful or scary movies caused a restriction in blood flow, proving that if you’re in it for the sex, The Conjuring is not the way to conjure a massive boner. A comedy will always be the best option when you’re ready to Netflix & Chill. (Location 4197)