Procrastinate on Purpose
Procrastinate on Purpose

Procrastinate on Purpose

Successful people think differently. And it is their thinking that shapes a different set of choices they make, which ultimately yields incredibly different results from the rest of us. The most (Location 161)

Once you own your problem, you empower yourself to create your own solution. (Location 217)

life doesn’t come from applying our resources proportionately throughout different areas. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Success usually is the result of focusing our talents, money, time or energy in one priority direction for a shorter period of time to create a desired result, (Location 230)

Work is a fundamental part of life and a source of deep satisfaction. We were created to work. Work produces happiness and great rewards that fill our lives with joy. Work is one of the most honoring forms of worship that we have! (Location 269)

Efficiency is doing things right, but effectiveness is doing the right things. (Location 288)

having a proven capacity; adequate to accomplish a purpose; productive of or capable of producing a result.” (Location 296)

Multipliers is their relentlessly strong focus on results. (Location 297)

people is that they actually choose to be paid based on their results, rather than their time. (Location 298)

The number one risk that rich people are willing to take is to be paid for their results rather than or in addition to their time. (Location 302)

Yes, these people sometimes lose and lose big; but they also win big because they take a chance on themselves. They win rewards because they risk losses. (Location 313)

success isn’t so much about efficiency or effectiveness; it’s about efficacy. (Location 317)

“the quality of being successful in producing an intended result.” (Location 318)

To a Multiplier, it is ultimately only about producing their desired results. (Location 324)

“As in life, we often think we can do no more; but when we push to be creative, we find that there is always room for us to fill.” (Location 355)

techniques to help us get the most amount of tasks done in a single day. (Location 359)

perfectly organized and still run out of capacity to fit more in. (Location 366)

Remember, the goal is simply to produce more results. (Location 367)

the ability to outwork others counts for a lot and was a major focus of Take the Stairs. (Location 383)

Because there is no such thing as time management; there is only self-management. You can’t manage time. (Location 395)

You can choose to either be focused on things that matter or allow yourself to be swept away in a sea of distraction. (Location 398)

what is the next thing I can do that is going to truly make a critical difference?’” (Location 427)

Your reprioritization has had you working so much and spending your spare time trying to keep up with the things that really do matter to you that you haven’t been to the gym in weeks. (Location 500)

But it is important to realize what it is and what it isn’t. (Location 541)

Moving certain things ahead in your queue is still a relevant and worthwhile skill. But the thing to realize is that . . . Prioritizing does not create more time. (Location 543)

But there is nothing happening that creates more “water.” So when we prioritize, we aren’t creating more time; we are borrowing time. (Location 547)

If Urgency is “how soon does this matter?” And Importance is “how much does this matter?” Then Significance is “how long is this going to matter?” (Location 587)

Create the customer service–training program for your team. Spend time providing awesome service to your customers personally. (Location 599)

He said one mistake that most advisors make is that they stratify their clients based on who makes the most money. Yet they fail to account for what could happen in the future. Often their shortsightedness causes them to miss huge opportunities. (Location 620)

It would be what we at Southwestern Consulting call a “Critical Success Factor” (CSF). (Location 626)

You multiply your time by spending time on things today that will give you more time tomorrow. (Location 636)

I realize that there are certain investments of my time that may cost me time today—sacrificing my ability to satisfy some of the Urgent temporarily—but that these investments of my time will have a positive effect on my day tomorrow by creating more margin in my life. (Location 643)

I can spend my time on things today that will improve my life tomorrow. (Location 649)

It took me a long while before I finally figured out that garnering your self-worth from the approval of other people is an emotional black hole; it’s like the equivalent of trying to fill up a giant lake with a little Dixie cup. (Location 684)

There is a glorification of ‘busy’ in our society that makes it so easy for us to confuse ‘busy’ with ‘successful.’ (Location 688)

The scheduling process that Pete stumbled upon is very common among Multipliers and is something that we at Southwestern Consulting refer to as creating a “categorical schedule.” (Location 706)

for types of activities without locking yourself into hard specifics of what might feel “rigid” and “constricting,” as with traditional schedules. (Location 708)

We love it because it represents the juxtaposition of dreaming about the future combined with engineering the plans necessary to make those dreams a reality. (Location 717)

Choosing how to spend your time isn’t just logical; it’s emotional. (Location 732)

And I realized that what makes Multipliers different is not just their thinking; it’s also how they manage their emotions. (Location 745)

management; it is about self-management. And as I started to research and ask, study and observe exactly how it was that these people were going about spending time on things today to give themselves more time tomorrow, (Location 746)

People who take some of Dan’s courses often get a chance to visit the location, as Dan and Joanne prefer to invite guests and clients to their home so that they can really connect with them and get to know them. (Location 774)

That eagle was there all along—she simply had to remove the buildup of time that was hiding it. (Location 787)

It is a peculiar truth about those of us who are on the journey to achieving success—we almost always focus on what we need to add to our lives. (Location 789)

If we multiply our time by spending time on things today that will create more time tomorrow, then there isn’t a faster way to create more margin tomorrow than by spending our time today just wiping out, deleting or removing some of the things that we’re involved in that we would be doing tomorrow. (Location 795)

As a Multiplier, you are focused on results, not tasks. Success is no longer related to the volume of tasks you complete but rather the Significance of them. (Location 804)

Re-decision: This is reviewing a decision where we know what the right decision is and we should have already made the decision before. (Location 843)

Sharing your opinion: I’m not sure what it is but I have such a deep emotional pull to share my opinion on everything. (Location 873)

Custom versus leveraged: Whenever possible, eliminate the time you spend on creating custom work. (Location 887)

Create things in a way that they can be used over and over again and incorporate into your decision making what percentage of this activity will be custom versus leveraged. (Location 888)

People can take no. But they want to be treated with dignity. They want to be treated honestly. And they want to be treated carefully. (Location 983)

“If I spend five dollars on this coffee, then that is five dollars I will not be spending on something else.” (Location 1046)

Think of your money as if it were your army. Every dollar that you spend is like losing one member of your troops. Every dollar that you save or invest, however, grows your army. (Location 1087)

My army is multiplying itself; my net worth is growing without my doing anything. (Location 1093)

but simply saving and investing as much money as fast and as early as possible in your life. (Location 1112)

The key insight from all of these investment principles is to realize that automation is to your time what compounding interest is to your money. (Location 1135)

Using bestselling author Jay Baer’s Youtility content strategy system, and a series of Infusionsoft web forums and follow-up sequences, we were able to create a way to set up our system to automatically: (Location 1311)

Because if you can’t Eliminate something—meaning it does need to be done; And you can’t Automate it—meaning you don’t yet have the capacity to fully systematize it; (Location 1361)

To be a Multiplier is to be a master delegator. (Location 1363)

“Does what I’m doing right now require my unique skill set; or is it possible that there are other people capable of doing this?” (Location 1364)

“when trying to decide whether to delegate something to someone else or to do something yourself, you should use the thirty-to-one rule.” (Location 1388)

you should plan to spend at least a hundred and fifty minutes (five minutes multiplied by thirty) instructing a subordinate how to complete the same task. (Location 1390)

“R.O.T.I.,” which is short for the phrase “return on time invested.” Because it is an investment and it has a tangible, calculable return on that investment. (Location 1402)

It’s not because they are arrogant, evil, uptight or pompous, but because they have realized that time is one of the truly finite and limited resources. (Location 1449)

You are always paying someone to complete a task. You are either paying someone else at their rate of pay, or you are paying yourself at yours. (Location 1454)

then it should be clear that the excuse of “not being able to afford it” isn’t the real reason why most of us don’t Delegate more often. (Location 1460)

Perfectionism. (Location 1462)

Perfectionism isn’t a logical issue; it’s another emotional one. And like the other elements of fear that we’ve touched on so far, there is no instantaneously magic cure for it. (Location 1462)

I would never say to cut corners. But where I failed and what I saw Multipliers doing was empowering the people around them to step up and make a contribution. (Location 1475)

They stopped saving the day all the time and empowered other people to also be the hero. (Location 1477)

And who got the greatest reward? The Multiplier did! The ones who delegated got some of the pressure taken off of them. And rather than their being one mighty Navy Seal, they built a massive army all around them. (Location 1482)

“Leadership isn’t about getting things done right. It’s about getting things done through other people.” (Location 1486)

I’ve spent way too much time worrying about whether or not little details would ever get taken care of . . . things turn out never to be as bad as they feel or as good as they sound. (Location 1487)

Like the mysterious—but obviously wealthy—“consultant” or “investor” you sat next to on an airplane, or that one friend you have who is definitely successful but you can’t quite understand his or her industry or business model, (Location 1497)

He only cares about always achieving excellence, doing something big and helping multiply the impact of himself and his inner circle. (Location 1500)

At somewhere slightly north of age forty-five, he semi-reluctantly agreed to share his insights with me, and if it hadn’t been for us personally connecting and becoming good friends via one of his more recent endeavors, you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now. (Location 1502)

From that point on, my life was different because I was blessed and lucky to have figured out that certain activities gave me more results in less time; I had discovered how to multiply my time, I had discovered leverage. “I then used some savings and a loan and bought my first rental house at thirteen years old, and by age twenty, I had bought over a million dollars in real estate.” (Location 1526)

“I learned that just like you can leverage your time, you can also leverage ‘other people’s money’ by borrowing at a low interest rate and investing that money into something that will (you hope) give you a higher rate of return and profit from the difference.” (Location 1531)

Needless to say, he has ultimately done quite well for himself and we couldn’t be more aligned on the concept of leveraging our time by developing the skill to delegate, a skill Troy has mastered—even to a fault. (Location 1536)

‘If Troy is actually doing something, then something has gone terribly wrong!’ (Location 1542)

my job is to make sure that it gets done. (Location 1544)

One key is to remember the 30x rule. Sometimes you will have to invest time into training these people and it will be frustrating if they quit or leave or you have to change, but it’s worth (Location 1590)

A Multiplier knows that it’s not just about what to do, or how much to do. It’s also about when. (Location 1671)

Weather changes. In our multifaceted, incredibly dynamic, always nimble and insanely fast culture today, things are always changing! And if you take action too early, you might be adversely affected later by unexpected change when it could have been avoided. (Location 1734)

Early makes you vulnerable because it’s an underutilization of your most limited asset: time. (Location 1765)

Nothing is ever as bad as it feels or as good as it sounds. The world won’t come to an end. The company won’t go out of business. (Location 1901)

Spending big money: Another consistent piece of advice you will hear from people who are wise with wealth is to always “wait at least one night” before making a big financial purchase. (Location 1911)

If you’re not at least 75 percent sure of what the right decision is—don’t make one. Very similar to what was mentioned earlier in the chapter, you need to be mindful of whether or not your delay is intentional in order to minimize unexpected change cost (patience) or if it’s because you know what the right decision is and you’re just putting it off because you don’t want to make it (procrastination). (Location 1915)

Understand that their problem is always going to seem urgent to them. With your new vantage point of the Significant perspective, however, you should immediately reduce the times you get sucked into their “fires.” (Location 1919)

If you have a bunch of phone calls to make, try to group them together one after the other in your day. There is nothing more frustrating than having a call or meeting every other hour for an entire day because you never get dedicated, uninterrupted focus time—which is incredibly rare and valuable these days. Teach your assistant to schedule appointments back to back. (Location 1973)

Sometimes the answer to your dream is “yes.” Sometimes it is “no.” And sometimes it is “wait.” (Location 2042)

Time allows for people to mature. Time is sometimes necessary for our dreams to modify their shape in order to align with the true purpose of our (Location 2043)

Feeling fatigued, burnt out or dissatisfied doesn’t even enter into a farmer’s decision-making framework during the harvest because that is the only time of the year that will produce the type of results needed to make life work. (Location 2091)

Farmers have relentless focus, uncompromised commitment and an almost radical addiction to completing the task at hand—which is exactly what you need when the time comes to apply the final permission and choice of a Multiplier: Concentrate. (Location 2096)

Then they immediately home in with uncanny focus on whatever activity that is. (Location 2108)

The real question is what is your priority?—singular! As in, what is the next—and only—priority? (Location 2131)

And if the thing you are doing now is not what you really want your priority to be, then Eliminate that thing in front of you, Automate it, Delegate it, Procrastinate it or Complete it as fast as possible and sprint over to the thing you know you should be doing! (Location 2138)

“You multiply your time by giving yourself permission to spend time on things today that create more time tomorrow.” You aren’t choosing to spend time on them today (Location 2150)

We have allowed ourselves to be commanded by the Tyranny of the Urgent into things that are not Significant, but they are in front of us. (Location 2173)

If something is the next most Significant thing related to your dream, you have to Protect it, you have to do it, and you have to do it now! (Location 2263)

much time and money they spend in all the different phases of marketing, recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and training just one single salesperson. For anything that is an activity that (Location 2302)

If there is anything we’ve seen over and over in this book, it is that time is worth more than money. (Location 2324)

“Drive decision making downward.” Purposely enable the vast majority of decisions to be heavily influenced and, hopefully, made by the (Location 2385)

people who are closest to the front lines. (Location 2386)

I resolved that I was going to stay and shape my thinking in a way that I would take accountability for everything. If a Scud missile hit my house, it was going to be my fault for moving there. (Location 2431)

What Multipliers understand better than everyone else, though, is that while the thinking is critically important, it is ultimately the acting that is monumental. You have to act. You have to do. You have to try. You can work while you wait. You can do everything in your power today to make your dream come true and at the same time trust that if it doesn’t, it is because the wait is preparing you for the day that it will. (Location 2452)

Success is never owned; it is only rented—and the rent is due every day. (Location 2462)