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An Integrator is the type of person who is obsessed about organizational clarity. They are great at making sure people are communicating within the organization. Integrators are fanatical about resolution and forcing conclusions. When the team is at odds, they are a masterful tiebreaker. They drive everyone to execute the business plan. They are great at managing big organizational projects. They are masters of follow-through. When priorities need to be set for the organization and everyone must be aligned with those priorities, they are right at home keeping everyone laser focused and driving results. They create organizational focus and accountability. (Location 529)

The Same Page Meeting is a scheduled monthly meeting between only the Visionary and the Integrator. Allow two to four hours for the meeting, and always meet somewhere outside the office. (Location 1279)

An end run happens when an employee goes around a manager to complain or get a better/different answer to his problem. (Location 1295)

One of our clients had their new Integrator spend their entire first 90 days just observing every aspect of the company. In weekly meetings, the new Integrator would sit quietly—for 13 straight weeks. On the 90th day, the Visionary turned the reins over to the Integrator. He found this modus operandi to be very effective. (Location 1739)

Most Visionaries are too impatient to stick with this approach, but the Integrator will actually learn more about the company by just observing for a while instead of diving right in. We believe the Integrator should focus on asking more questions during the first 90 days versus jumping in with both feet. (Location 1745)

Being a great Integrator depends more on the ability to manage human energy than being an industry expert. (Location 1804)

expectations. He says that Visionaries have a certain DNA to dream of “what’s next,” and once they lock on to a new idea, they want to work quickly to accomplish it. (Location 1839)

dynamic. He describes his top three Visionary roles as: (1) Passion, (2) Industry knowledge, and (3) Leadership. He admits that in focusing a majority of his time on these three roles, (Location 1843)

He takes the projects and implements them, relieving my time to focus ‘on’ the business instead of ‘in.’ He allows me to not get distracted with daily operations. Without him, I’d have more stress and less time to work on company growth.” (Location 1845)

In the 90-Day World, you must establish only the three to seven most important priorities for the company, the ones that must be done in the next 90 days. (Location 2021)