Take the Stairs
Take the Stairs

Take the Stairs

Successful people have the self-discipline to do things they don’t want to do. They do the things they don’t want to do even when they don’t feel like doing them. (Location 143)

Procrastination and indulgence are nothing more than creditors who charge us interest (Location 159)

After having felt the “consequences” of my actions, I can honestly say that I’ve never left my house or anyone else’s house in my life without double- and triple-checking to make sure the door was locked. (Location 242)

For the last 150 years, Southwestern has become famous for “building character in young people” by training college-aged students to run their own business. (Location 252)

The truth is that success comes from being tested in the fire, being pushed to your limits, and having your character and confidence shaped by challenging circumstances. Successful people view problems and challenges as setbacks or hindrances, but they know that the more challenges they have, the higher the likelihood that they will develop the character required to become great. (Location 290)

Choices that are easy in the short term are very often in direct conflict with what makes life easy in the long term. (Location 409)

Which brings us to the Pain Paradox of decision making that states the short-term easy leads to the long-term difficult, while the short-term difficult leads to the long-term easy. (Location 424)

Procrastination is one of the most expensive invisible costs in business today. (Location 490)

The more we have invested in something, the less likely we are to let it fail. (Location 549)

Very often the emotional energy of making a decision is greater than the physical energy of executing that decision. (Location 564)

It was a conundrum because there wasn’t clearly a right decision to make. (Location 635)

However, once Bob took out his $50 bill and threw it into the urinal, he created an unacceptable consequence and the decision became very clear. (Location 638)

We were committed to finding a solution even if it took years to achieve the outcome we wanted—which it did. (Location 703)

“Winning is a habit; unfortunately so is losing.” Some people have the habit of victory and success, and although we’d like to believe that these people have a glamorizing mystical power, the truth is much more basic than that: They commit to whatever it is they want to do. (Location 727)

In that moment, tired and wet, hot and disheveled, I realized for the first time what the true definition of attitude (Location 746)

Attitude is simply the way you choose to see things. What was rain to me was liquid sunshine to him. (Location 749)

Creative avoidance is unconsciously filling the day with menial work to where we end up getting busy just being busy! (Location 790)

At the end of the day I had “worked” all day long, but didn’t have much to show for it. (Location 792)

and other modern conveniences to satisfy our basic needs. The danger, though, is that we are always thinking. We just haven’t been thinking about it. The frightening truth is that when we’re not thinking about our thinking, our thinking starts to think on its own. (Location 835)

Almost all of the world’s ultrasuccessful people agree that the best way to get control of Mr. Mediocrity is to learn to master your positive self-talk. (Location 855)

A vision is an inspiring mental picture that propels you to take action. Your vision is important because the amount of your endurance, (Location 901)

and the intensity of your focus, is directly proportionate to the clarity of your vision. The amount of your endurance, and the intensity of your focus, is directly proportionate to the clarity of your vision. (Location 902)

the end was a statement that said, “Success is never owned, it is rented, and the rent is due every day—the only question now is am I willing to pay a price that is greater than everyone else?” (Location 934)

You think it, you speak it, you act it, it happens. (Location 1001)

In order for a change to take place, you must first invent the possibility of it actually happening by using your words. (Location 1034)

Intellectual dishonesty is simply allowing someone to believe something that you know is not true. (Location 1146)

rock-solid integrity. “If there is one thing I do different than most people, it’s that I see how things should be, and then I just create it.” (Location 1166)

he says that his extraordinary production is more a function of his commitment to staying on a regimented routine. “I (Location 1312)

One of the biggest ways we lose time and energy is thinking about where we have to go (Location 1318)

next. Having a schedule eliminates that issue and it provides a structured regimen that allows us to focus our energy on the tasks at hand. (Location 1319)

is that rich people always think in terms of “both.” They continue to question and be creative to find a way while others simply accept what seems obvious. They see the jar as mostly full and they stop there. (Location 1342)

They have so many friends, wonderful families, successful businesses, generous philanthropy, meaningful spiritual lives, healthy financial lives, and active physical lives. (Location 1344)

learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, and they find a way to “fit it all in” and “make it all work” by understanding the order and timing in which those items are placed. (Location 1346)

The part that was unique about it was that Chad had entire large blocks of time dedicated to his most important priorities. (Location 1356)

To create a schedule, all you need is a spreadsheet; that is your jar. Dr. Stephen Covey has taught for years to put the big “rocks” in first, so start by putting in your Fundamental Five and then insert the “pebbles” like sleep and work meetings around them. (Location 1416)

The solution to off schedule is to learn to shift your focus away from the results that aren’t within your control. (Location 1458)

controlling the activities that are within your power and to let go of the worry and fear attached to the results that are not. (Location 1466)

Having that perspective has everything to do with managing your own off schedule. (Location 1480)

Get relentless about putting your self-esteem into your work habits instead of your results. (Location 1487)

And the Law of Action says that it does not matter what we say we believe; our real beliefs are revealed by how we act. (Location 1698)

“FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.” That is almost always what fear is. It’s a fictional story written by our own minds. (Location 1779)

Is perfectionism holding you back? Cultivate the habit of action in your life by being relentless about making progress, while letting go of the demand for perfection. You overcome perfectionism by insisting not on stellar results, but on stellar effort. (Location 1820)