The Bulletproof Diet
The Bulletproof Diet

The Bulletproof Diet

Obese people (and animals) have excess bacteria from the Firmicutes phylum, which includes the Lactobacillus bacteria found in yogurt and most probiotic supplements. (Location 483)

Naturally thin people have less Firmicutes and more bacteria from the Bacteroidetes phylum. You can’t buy Bacteroidetes species probiotics as a supplement, but you can easily generate them by eating foods that contain their natural food source, which is polyphenols. (Location 485)

They’re found in brightly colored vegetables, but the richest source of polyphenols in Western diets by far is coffee! (Location 488)

There are five basic things your diet should provide: energy for your brain, fuel for your body, nutrients for your cells, no unnecessary toxins, and, perhaps most importantly, satisfaction. (Location 539)

This means that problems with your energy, whether poor nutrition, toxins, or other stressors, will impact the parts of your brain that use the most energy first. In other words, a process like willpower is far more sensitive to your energy than the lower levels of biology needed for survival. (Location 561)

Every creature with vertebrae has a reptile brain, and this brain must get enough nutrients to survive, regardless of what higher parts of the brain need. If you don’t get enough energy and nutrients to this part of the brain, you will die. End of story. (Location 569)

For example, if you eat a low-fat, low-calorie breakfast your body will secrete insulin, which allows your cells to use the sugar you just ingested and thus causes your blood sugar level to drop. (Location 591)

whey is high in amino acids that can cause inflammation in excess. The good news is that it is not necessary (Location 1237)

Some of my antiaging colleagues have tried this with mixed results. From looking at the research, it appears there is increasingly less evidence that this works in humans. (Location 1256)

But the science shows us that the best time to eat those foods isn’t when you may think. (Location 1290)

I recommend consuming 1 gram of fish or krill oil either with dinner or at bedtime. (Location 1736)

I’ve used IV glutathione for more than a decade to detox, but this means going to the doctor’s office and is expensive. (Location 1866)