Unbeatable Mind
Unbeatable Mind

Unbeatable Mind

The "big idea" of this book is that you are capable of far more than you think you are—more accomplishment, more productivity, more success—but you have been kept in the dark about this potential your entire life. I call this potential your 20X Factor, in that you are capable of accelerating you daily achievement by twenty times what your current paradigm allows you to believe is possible. (Location 143)

In my early childhood, I learned to find solace in the peace and silence of nature. And growing up in the mountains and valleys of the Adirondacks in Upstate New York (Upstate, as we call it, covers 95 percent of the real estate of New York—the other 5 percent is squeezed into the New York Metro area.), all I had to do was step out the back door to find it. My father's love for the trails, combined with my mother's athleticism, kept us outdoors. (Location 154)

The more you connect with your witness, the more you understand that you are not your thoughts. (Location 454)

You now have a choice to change these thoughts immediately. You can also rely on your witness during conversation, or during an action, to detect a pattern of negative thoughts when they first start creeping (Location 470)

The secret for a successful redirect is to inject a new positive thought pattern into your stilled mind that aligns with your immediate goal. (Location 499)

"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better" was coined by the French doctor Émile Coué. (Location 505)

Witness, Interdict, Redirect, and Maintain to set the stage for mental toughness. (Location 518)

Do you know where you’re headed? Put another way, what is it, exactly, that you want out of your brief time here on Earth? (Location 521)

younger I was a great daydreamer, but if you had asked me to describe what my future looked like, (Location 522)

The inability to see and articulate a future full of purpose, passion, and principles was cured by my deep insight and contemplation within the Zen training (Location 525)

I believe it is crucial to be self-aware enough to be able to articulate our Three Ps and One Thing. Let's look at these by asking a few questions: (Location 527)

Lack of meaning and purpose is a major cause of despair and despondency in the world. (Location 534)

This is likened to cleaning layers of dust off a mirror in your mind to reveal the real image beneath. (Location 545)

Often I see people with great minds and all the right stuff for success torpedo themselves on the one-yard line. They do this because they lack the fundamental tools for mental toughness. (Location 577)

And that life, your entire life, is made up of thousands of small decisions made every day. We tend to focus on the few big choices when we reflect on our life experience. (Location 583)

The first secret to mental toughness, as simple as it may sound, is to recognize and embrace the power of choice and how that power can shape our lives. And perhaps one of the biggest choices you must learn to make is how you think of and deal with stress. (Location 600)

Stress is neither good nor bad—it just is what it is—but it gets a bad rap. (Location 627)

Incidentally, the main stress experienced in our lives is time stress, and it is entirely self-induced. After all, isn't time also a story and social construct that allows us to organize social life? (Location 632)

Yoga practitioners have used breathing and concentration techniques for thousands of years to dissipate stress, develop optimal health, and drive toward spiritual advancement. (Location 680)

During Kokoro Camps, I’ve also noted how the inability to recover quickly from a perceived failure can cripple a trainee emotionally. (Location 795)

Resiliency means that you can bounce back quickly from any setback, whether physical, mental or emotional. (Location 797)

In the military, if you’re getting dressed down like that, you shut up and take it whether you think the superior in rank is right or not. (Location 815)

Self-esteem is the emotional state of feeling worthy and respected by others. (Location 838)

Second, resiliency is assured if you have the attitude of being oriented toward others versus just yourself. (Location 841)

Victor survived by finding meaning through tending to others' needs over his own…and then teaching the power of this simple truth. (Location 843)

When you are positive and optimistic, you’re naturally inclined to look for solutions because you believe a better future is possible. (Location 845)

You know things will get better, so obstacles and setbacks don’t bring you down the way they do someone who is negative and believes all is lost. You’re able to bounce back and persevere. (Location 848)

Imagine your purpose as the force behind your life—it is your foundational reason for being on this Earth in this incarnation of your self. (Location 851)

Sometimes in a crisis we have to narrow our focus, momentarily set aside our commitment to that broader purpose, and find a new why to survive…a new “One Thing” to motivate us to get to the other side. (Location 859)

His action was successful and he did survive, get to know his daughter, and has since gone on to fulfill a higher purpose as an inspirational speaker. (Location 864)

are you willing to do to make sure it comes to fruition? Then back that emotion up with self-esteem, a positive attitude, optimism that you will succeed, and a focus on the others in your team— even if you haven’t met them yet! (Location 865)

earning an MBA and CPA (showing a need for significance) and by my long-term goals of financial independence (displaying a need for certainty). (Location 871)

Your principles are being compromised by chasing money, and your purpose is bigger than just being in business for the sake of a career." (Location 878)

He or she avoids getting caught up in the dramas of life, preferring to avoid regrets and desires by keeping things simple and practical. In order to experience one life in one day, the warrior trains his body, mind, and spirit to be at the ready. (Location 886)

What would I be like if life had an all-encompassing purpose beyond just making a bunch of money and ascending the steps of a conventional career? (Location 889)

I believe that success in life is internal and comes from developing mastery over yourself, and using this mastery so you can serve others in the fulfillment of your purpose. (Location 896)

Both the Seido and the SEAL culture say that to actualize potential, we must train ourselves in a whole-person, balanced manner. I learned that if you don’t train to grow, or are stuck in a singular dimension in your training—like pursuing improvements strictly within the plane of the physical, or strictly in the realm of the intellectual—then it is likely that important aspects of your intelligence will be undeveloped from an integrated “whole person” perspective. (Location 903)

The Physical Mountain: (Location 910)

The Mental Mountain: (Location 914)

Emotional Mountain: (Location 917)

Intuition Mountain: (Location 919)

This mountain is about developing a connection with your spirit, learning to lead and act with your heart, (Location 922)

I note that many people gravitate toward the complex because it makes them feel important and distracts them from more genuine pursuits and responsibilities. (Location 941)

Communications between teammates were kept Spartan and authentic. (Location 945)

the BS of social politics was eradicated. (Location 946)

The straightforward life of the warrior was liberating. I try to live by the same standard to this day. (Location 946)

Obsessing about what you don't have accomplishes nothing. (Location 951)

It allows you to reduce the number of commitments, material possessions, and unsupportive relationships we burden ourselves with. (Location 954)

First, training was not optional; rather, it was as essential as eating and sleeping. Second, training was too critical for it to be random or haphazard. (Location 967)

A note of caution: dedication must be offset with humor and reality checks. Be serious and dedicated to your training, but counterbalance it with humor and let "real life" flow. (Location 982)

Your authenticity as a leader will evolve naturally as you focus on self-mastery, but it is also important to discipline it into your being. (Location 990)

Thing—so you can serve others in alignment with your internal compass. And developing mental control allows you to direct your thoughts toward positive, powerful intentions for integrating your higher values into every aspect of your life. (Location 992)

You have a choice to be in control of your life and to be authentic. How you use your mind, body, emotions, and intuition and connect with your spirit is a choice. (Location 1009)

First, "Murph," as he was known to his teammates, demonstrated incredible compassion for his team during the failed operation. (Location 1016)

however, the fact that his world-centric level of  consciousness led him to act out of compassion, not violence, (Location 1020)

The doing of good works in the name of service is a nice gesture. (Location 1028)

Often someone will provide some service through his or her church but then be a self-serving jerk at home. (Location 1030)

In our society compassion has often been viewed as a weakness in men, though this tendency is slowly changing. Warrior traditions have treated compassion as a strength that extends even to the enemy, as LT Murphy displayed through his actions on the mountaintop in Afghanistan. (Location 1036)

Now, you already know that I believe being prepared in mind, body, and spirit is a good thing, as is learning to be aware of warning signs so we can proactively attack a challenge instead of waiting for a crisis to come to the doorstep. (Location 1045)

When you have an abundance mindset, you see that there is more out there for everyone, including yourself. (Location 1050)

When you truly believe that there's enough to go around for everyone, regardless of the situation, then the world stops being a zero-sum game. (Location 1058)

On the other hand, if you're a stingy hoarder with your money, time, or energy, you will dry up like Ebenezer Scrooge. Your energy will burn out as you become more brittle and inflexible in thought and body. (Location 1070)

The big "aha" for me came when I studied the “Integral Theory” of American philosopher Ken Wilber. (Location 1100)

As a leader, you are always poking around and thinking, “You know, we could use a system for that” or “That system is broken and we need to rebuild it.” (Location 1127)

It can be a powerful mental model to understand what is going on with ourselves and others at any given point in time. (Location 1132)

The first fight is in your own mind, which is questioning whether you have the skills, the power, or otherwise the ability to enter into this fight and win. (Location 1169)

The second fight is the actual altercation itself. (Location 1171)

The third fight is against the system as described in the scenario above. (Location 1173)

Who deemed that holding hands with a man was wrong? In Bahrain, holding hands with another male is a show of friendship and loyalty. (Location 1184)

we often remain ignorant of our own limitations, which are equal or worse. (Location 1189)

background of obviousness, or BOO. (Location 1190)

Socrates made this comment long ago: "The unexamined life is not worth living." (Location 1222)

Really, does it make sense to go through life with an air-tight assumption that all the ideas we have ingested are unassailable? (Location 1223)

Relative beliefs, which are taken as law by the believers, are heavily influenced by families of origin and pop culture. (Location 1229)

if you treat people the way you’d like to be treated, you will get more positive results than if you treat them like dirt. It doesn’t matter which deity told you this was a good idea—it’s universally true. (Location 1235)

Philosophers of all ages have noted that goodness comes from aligning with universal laws and internalizing these universal laws into beliefs, while the potential for weakness, even evil, comes from moral relativism. (Location 1238)

My personal experience has led me to believe that the world itself doesn't care much about me, but when I aligned my beliefs and actions with Universal Laws then my life experience improved dramatically. (Location 1243)

that there is enough to go around and there is no reason to hoard or see scarcity—no need to butt into a line or steal someone’s steak off the grill. (Location 1248)

Their entire belief system is shattered, and suddenly they’re uncertain about why they are out there risking their life. (Location 1263)

The space between the old and new presents us a choice: to press boldly forward into the unknown, or to slink back into familiar territory. (Location 1268)

but I realized that other cultures have values and ways of life that suit them, and that they may be better off if they did not adopt a western consumer economic model and our form of democracy. (Location 1272)

“do no harm unless in self-preservation” (Location 1274)

belief that individuals and cultures have a right to self-determination within certain internationally accepted (Location 1275)

human rights boundaries. (Location 1275)

The law of cause and effect: (Location 1282)

The law of abundance: this law states that the world has enough for everyone who chooses to see the world as abundant. (Location 1283)

The law of winning in your mind first before taking the first action: (Location 1284)

The law of attraction: (Location 1286)

The law of receiving: (Location 1288)

The Golden Rule: (Location 1289)

The law of surrender: (Location 1290)

The law of forgiveness: (Location 1292)

The law of non-attachment: (Location 1293)

The law of nonresistance: (Location 1295)

Fighting violence with violence should be a last resort and only done in self-defense. (Location 1296)

I realized that in the private sector there were folks from all plateaus of consciousness with differing degrees of trustworthiness. (Location 1313)

I had to learn to verify business partners before trusting they had my back. (Location 1314)

The formal process of recapitulation is to use visualization to revisit and review your life at those times where you think and feel you got stuck. (Location 1322)

I was emotionally stunted because of episodes in my youth where the relationship I had with my father caused me anxiety. (Location 1333)

Q lost focus and struggled to complete his mission-critical task. (Location 1366)

But for elite operators, the job and commitment to the team requires untarnished, 100-percent focus and mental clarity. (Location 1373)

But in business or other domains in life, it may take longer for a flaw to have its inevitable negative blowback. (Location 1376)

To succeed at the highest levels as a leader, you must habituate the virtues of a warrior into your character for true character excellence. Then these virtues will ensure your destiny. (Location 1378)

important; it is the actions you take, especially when no one is looking. So the question is: Do you act with virtues of excellence? If so then you don't need to finish this chapter. (Location 1392)

In a business dealing, a breach of trust can cause a transaction to fail, can degrade one's reputation, and increase costs to all parties. (Location 1412)

If you are trustworthy and must deal with a party you know to be untrustworthy or that you simply don’t know well (a pretty common scenario in business situations), then trust cannot exist. (Location 1421)

ethos. In essence, “integrity” really just means that what you think, say, and do are in alignment, so it could be either positive or negative. (Location 1445)

"leadership is doing the right thing, while management is doing things right." This is a clever saying and gets you thinking about the (Location 1451)

A SEAL mentor of mine,  Captain Jim O’Connell, used to say that a way to “gut check” for leadership integrity was to ask if you’d be thrilled to read about you’re pending action in the next edition of the New York Times. (Location 1466)

The short-term gain is soon demolished by the regret, shame and degradation of respect that accompanies the inevitable exposure of the lie, not to mention the anxiety that envelops you while living in fear of exposure! Good decision-making simply cannot occur under these conditions. (Location 1471)

“This is their turn. They’re smarter at this or they’re better at this, or they’ve got the better idea, or they’re stronger.” (Location 1502)

When I was a newly minted ensign in the SEALs, I knew I was supposed to lead, but it would have been my ego up on stage if I had tried to take control before I had any experience of what it really meant to operate in the field. (Location 1505)

Like with the SEALs, remember that within the fabric of a strong team every teammate has the capacity and character to lead. Everyone is simply awaiting the opportunity to serve in a leading role. (Location 1513)

On the other hand, ignoring or abdicating responsibility breaches trust and erases loyalty lightning quick. (Location 1523)

Hayward was cavalier and downplayed the risk to the environment and wildlife, even denying full accountability of his firm. (Location 1529)

He was like the teammate who, when the proverbial shit hit the fan, immediately shifted focus to cover his own ass. (Location 1530)

The responsible thing to do would have been to step up and take ownership of the situation, to become a face for accountability and a positive force for solutions. (Location 1531)

Most people respond very positively to people who accept accountability with grace, even in a major disaster such as this one. (Location 1533)

Once the operational nature of the request was understood, however, the boards were sent, the trick worked, and the mission was a success. (Location 1561)

First, SEALs will always persevere to "find a way or make one." (Location 1563)

Second, they will never give up. SEALs persevere against all odds because they believe that failure is not an option. (Location 1563)

You don't fail; you find a way, make a way, or learn again how not to do something. (Location 1565)

"Earn your Trident every day." (Location 1610)

A much smaller percentage of the population, though, is comprised of wolves that make it their business to prey upon the sheep. (Location 1622)

Fortunately, there are folks like you and me: A fractional percentage of the population who straddle the line between the sheep and wolves. (Location 1625)

We keep our eyes on the wolves to protect the sheep. The sheepdog is the soldier, sailor, marine, coast guardswoman, police officer, ethical leader and Good Samaritan. It also needs to be you, if you are not there already. (Location 1626)

Sheepdogs can make people nervous because they sense that the sheepdog is comfortable with violence. (Location 1629)

Perhaps he fears that in mid-conversation I will lose it and rip his head off. Sheepdogs carry a heavy burden: though trained for (Location 1631)

The sheepdog knows his Three Ps and One Thing and is committed to making a difference in the world through service. (Location 1632)

The sheepdog has noticed this trend, and learns to control use of the smartphone when his awareness is needed in public. (Location 1639)

The sheepdog will develop a mental "binary switch" that turns controlled violence on and off at will. (Location 1663)

The “offensive mind training” I received taught me to control this binary switch, and also to throttle  back down as the threat recedes. (Location 1671)

experience, create the lens that the other person looks through, and then write the script of what is unfolding before our very eyes. (Location 1674)

Contrary to our cultural story of staunch, Dirty Harry-style individualism, it is teams of like-minded individuals who change the world. (Location 1683)

In a crisis situation, if you’re spending all of your energy taking care of your family, which is common, you’re not going to have as much energy to possibly help out your neighbors or community and be a part of the broader solution. (Location 1685)

out for one another. Tip 3: Become a Sheepdog communicator. If you observe a situation or person who is obviously a potential threat, such as a suspicious man scoping the neighborhood several days in a row, take note and communicate it to your family and other Sheepdogs in your network. (Location 1698)

The light will ward off 99 percent of the wolves and give you time to escape as their night vision will be shot for a good five minutes. (Location 1713)

would not wait for the thug to come to your car but would use your car as a weapon and get out of dodge. (Location 1720)

but the Kenyan Special Forces driver skirted around it. He later told us it was a ‘honey trap’ where the perpetrators were trying to bait sympathetic foreigners to stop so they could mug them, or worse, kidnap them for ransom. (Location 1722)

Sheepdog Strong requires that you set aside worry about what others think of you. (Location 1726)

Even Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett, who run Berkshire Hathaway and are considered the savviest investors in the world, don't trust the workings of their minds. (Location 1748)

they rely on mental models to help them frame better decisions and avoid the machinations their minds play, which they believe lead to flawed thinking. (Location 1750)

The Reptilian Brain is formed from the brain stem and cerebellum. (Location 1759)

The Mammalian Brain evolved (Location 1763)

The Mammalian Brain houses the pituitary gland, which is the master hormone gland, and the pineal gland, which regulates sleep. (Location 1767)

Monkey Brain, is the most recent addition to the zoo and is the seat of awareness, cognition, problem solving and creativity. (Location 1771)

Let's consider the mind—as in consciousness—itself. This is what I call the Witness. (Location 1779)

Your experience of a conscious mind certainly has chemical and electrical correlates, but it is a mistake to define consciousness as mere brain electrochemical signaling. (Location 1783)

The mind not only has its own unique imprint (like a fingerprint of the soul), it makes meaning from the collective stimulus of life experiences, (Location 1787)

To connect with and control this intricate mind, you must train your neocortex to acknowledge that it isn’t the only animal in town, nor is it in charge. (Location 1791)

monks learned long ago that they could train the monkey mind through concentration and sacred silence methods such as meditation. (Location 1797)

In the moment of laser-like intensity and challenge (the play or crisis) the mind operates from an unhindered Witness, time seems to collapse to just "now," and you are thrust into what feels like a state of flow. (Location 1801)

the constructs of time and space seem to loosen their grip on the mind, slowing down or warping. (Location 1804)

Sales professionals are familiar with another gadget called the framing effect. How information is framed affects how it is processed. (Location 1842)

The System 1 mammalian brain will see losses as a threat and cause us to avoid them at the expense of gains. (Location 1845)

Gladwell tells us that those who master a skill, whether it be chess, basketball, or firefighting, are able to respond intuitively to a situation at a glance. (Location 1855)

Yes, intuition can arise due to deep concentration on a narrow set of skills over a long period of time, but I believe it can be accelerated greatly when we train as I offer in this book. (Location 1865)

The mental challenges described above produce four productivity killers: (Location 1877)

Being goals are typically long-term goals centered around becoming a certain type of person or gaining specific qualities, such as being a good leader. Doing goals are often a subset of a being goal and include (Location 1915)

The first order of business when selecting targets or goals is to consider whether it is tethered to and aligned with your One Thing and purpose. (Location 1920)

He had promised a dying friend that he would spread the man’s ashes at the top of the mountain, and so, fueled by a powerful “why,” Kyle took more than two years to plan his adventure. (Location 1939)

his physical capability and discipline made it achievable. He ultimately bear crawled up the entire mountain to the summit, a remarkable success. (Location 1941)

I asked myself, Mark, why take on any goal unless you intend to take it seriously? (Location 1945)

Team training can take many forms, the design depending upon your goals, how much time you have (never enough), your budget (so much is wasted on junk training with no impact), (Location 2102)

and the nature of your work environment (especially the risk factors involved). (Location 2103)

Team training must be supported by the whole organization and should not be seen as a random occurrence, a drain on productivity or a nuisance by the leadership. (Location 2107)

It is no surprise that I promote the principle of risk taking and pushing to the brink of failure to learn and grow. Sitting on our laurels and avoiding risks leads to stagnation and fear or the unknown. (Location 2146)

So teammates must come to the team and then take their eyes off of themselves, setting them onto their teammates and the mission. (Location 2164)

What actually happens is that you now have an entire team looking after your interests. (Location 2166)

The individuals are tougher than they would be if operating as sole practitioners. So my advice is to take a 3 Sphere approach to development: create the conditions for the individuals to maximize their potential, then elevate team training in importance to further support individual development. (Location 2168)

SEALs pride themselves on training more realistically than any other special ops force. (Location 2172)

They had trained so long and realistically for that type of mission that when the mission came, it was no big deal. (Location 2175)

If you can do it, then the training should be functional and, equally important, done together as a team (as opposed to just offering an open gym or yoga room environment). (Location 2192)

Functional training means that you are training the body of the individuals and the collective team to move safely and naturally, which has an effect on confidence, mobility and long-term health. (Location 2194)

This is an inspiring development with great potential to positively impact the health and productivity of the workforce—assuming they staff it with trained coaches. Incidentally there is a similar movement in some charter schools, which bodes well for the future health of the nation. (Location 2199)

The culture of "easy" is further perpetuated by the media and conglomerate industries that push our culture toward short-term pleasure at the expense of what is good for us in the long run. (Location 2204)

Working harder is just part of the solution; structuring team training to develop the awareness of the team turns it from one-dimensional to a multi-dimensional training tool. (Location 2213)

One of our stands is that destiny favors the prepared, in mind, body and spirit. (Location 2234)

advance. I recommend a weekly and monthly challenge of a physical and mental nature requiring an extra level of commitment to complete. (Location 2236)

Spiritually oriented challenges, such as a ten-day silent retreat, a thirty-day yoga immersion or a vision quest are excellent choices as well. The point is to choose a challenge and get to (Location 2243)

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are processes for routine, mundane tasks that carry great risk if not done the same way every time. (Location 2261)

Imagine the chaos if they used a different way every time or if one member of the team decided he had a better way of doing it on his own. (Location 2262)

SOPs can be a great tool for developing tough teams because they get everyone performing to the same standard and ingraining that routine into their “System 1” minds. (Location 2264)

SOPs also help us prevent mistakes of judgment at a team level. (Location 2268)

Glen exhibited all the traits of mastery: single-point focus, uncommon resolve, a positively-charged attitude, discernment, unflappability, fortitude, a focus on the welfare of others, and a humble acceptance of his responsibility. (Location 2310)

Why was single-point focus so critical to these victories? Because it allows you to narrow your attention to only the most important things that impact success right now. (Location 2322)

(delegated, in business). (Location 2324)

No matter how shitty things get, you can always find the silver lining. (Location 2345)

The main outcome is that you will never let circumstances or another individual, team, or organization control your actions. You (Location 2348)

When things go off the tracks, the master doesn't assign blame and wallow in self-pity; rather he or she immediately seeks the positive lesson and then acts on it with an offensive attitude. (Location 2361)

If fame or fortune comes as the result of self-mastery and service, then it is not used for egotistic or hedonistic pleasures, but rather as a platform to serve even more. (Location 2366)

The use of mental models such as OODA loop, PROP, and SMEAC will also aid in this process. (Location 2392)

Think of Albert Einstein losing himself in a problem so thoroughly that he would wander around in his underwear and forget to dress (I am making that up, but it probably happened!). (Location 2394)

After studying 300,000 patents, he noted that they boiled down to solving about 1,500 types of problems and that there were roughly forty methods that were used by the inventors to solve all of those problems. (Location 2396)

One of the more useful traits of mastery for leaders to develop is to remain perfectly calm and controlled in even the most chaotic circumstances. (Location 2412)

On multiple occasions he was able to sense or see images of an impending danger zone, such as an ambush or IED attack. (Location 2439)

Maybe there’s no real difference between the two. (Location 2441)

Intriguingly, recent research on happiness by David Lykken and Auke Tellegen, from the University of Washington, suggests that over half of what makes a person happy is within our sphere of influence to change. (Location 2456)

Though studies are inconclusive, mental health practitioners report that  smiling therapy has also improved the optimism and feeling of happiness of clients suffering from mild depression. They employ daily twenty-minute sessions during (Location 2464)

which the patient just sits and smiles. (Location 2466)

Whenever I am in the presence of a real master, I am struck by how humble he or she is. (Location 2480)

There are many brilliant people in the world masquerading as masters. (Location 2481)

Lacking humility, they display a mock show of caring for others while acting out of self-interest. (Location 2483)

This type of philanthropy is out of the self-interests of the leaders and does not truly come from a place of humility (I am not saying that this type of philanthropy is all bad, rather that it lacks the characteristic of humility). (Location 2485)

True humility is what Nelson Mandela displayed when he returned to the prison, where he was held for a large part of his adult life, to forgive the prison guards and thank them for being his teachers. (Location 2492)

You can choose to develop it now by seeking to remove the ego and self-serving behavior from your actions. (Location 2495)

Humility is a cousin to Kokoro, which we earlier stated means to merge your heart with your mind in your actions. (Location 2503)

Additionally, Wilber says that consciousness is expressed in four quadrants of I, We, It, and Its, which can be collapsed to the three spheres of I, We, and It, as we have discussed in this book. (Location 2515)

quickly review, the I sphere is how an individual experiences the world from within herself. (Location 2517)

including worldview, morality, self-sense, intelligences, etc. (Location 2518)

We sphere is culture, how a particular group of individuals make meaning of the world. (Location 2518)

the It is the objective world that is measurable. The It sphere is actually two in one for these purposes because it represents both individuals and systems in terms of objective markers and behaviors. (Location 2519)

Human development is not just about getting smarter and upping your cognitive intelligence. All of your intelligences come into play. (Location 2533)

The bully down the street (insert “corporate fraudster” or “dictator” here) may also be intelligent, yet he appears to operate at an egocentric or socio-centric stage of moral and emotional development. (Location 2535)

In simpler terms, the bully hasn't progressed much beyond his physical-instinctual self (sex, fighting, and feeding) and he is not much concerned for anyone else but his in-group (tribe, gang, clan). (Location 2537)

His research showed that most humans experience, at most, a five percent growth in consciousness during their entire lifetime. (Location 2550)

At this level, one's IQ and rational thinking mind play key roles. Personal growth is important but often limited to the rational mental (Location 2576)

An unhealthy expression of this could be seen in a Type A corporate executive who is so driven that he or she loses sight of other important values, such as health, connection to family, and spirituality. (Location 2579)

Their hearts as well as their rational minds drive them. (Location 2585)

The shadow can be seen in attachment to one's newfound identity, expressed as spiritual egotism and exclusivity toward others. (Location 2590)

Animosity can develop between mental achievers and sensitive do-good types because both find it difficult to deal with each other respectfully or to find win-win solutions together. (Location 2594)

They are also aware of the possible dysfunctions at each previous plateau and hold them in their mind/heart in a compassionate way. Many great many spiritual leaders and warriors throughout history have been at this plateau, and today a growing number are entering it as humanity appears to be entering a new age of spiritual awakening and social awareness. (Location 2601)

The question remains: What plateau do you most identify with now as your center of gravity? You may find that, at your finest moments, you identify with Plateau (Location 2606)

This occurs through the realization that they cannot complete the required work as an individual. (Location 2620)

do. I learned that what is important is what my Team can do and how I can help others achieve success and significance. (Location 2628)

Mr. Roosevelt was articulating the value of avoiding the deathtrap of gossip and other mindless distractions and staking your life on a path of boldness; of translating this boldness into action, to never drift or shirk from defending your values, to stand your ground and never sway. (Location 2657)

Waiting for the perfect time to act—until you have the complete kit bag full of tools and weapons, or the perfect partner, or some perfect orchestration of conditions. (Location 2662)

The Warrior’s Way is to first plan for bold action, win in the mind, bulletproof the mission and then, act with boldness. (Location 2665)