2023 Is Gon...
2023 Is Gon...

Prediction: 2023 Is Gon...

Prediction: 2023 is gonna be the year that ChatGPT will replace most copywriters. CopyThinkers will stay. Copywriters will die out. Here’s a LIVE example of an ad ChatGPT wrote and why CopyThinkers will thrive… While copywriters will die out. A CopyThinking Thread 🧵<<< (View Tweet)

10:53 AM. This morning. I get a call from a buddy. A GREAT copywriter. We’ve worked together in the past. He’s truly AMAZING at writing copy. Anyway… He calls me up all excited: “George!!! ChatGPT is amazing! Have a look at an ad it wrote for me!!!” Then… (View Tweet)

He read the ad out loud to me. Let me give you some context before I show you the ad… This guy is selling a course on how to keep your home-grown plants alive. And he’s been struggling a bit with writing copy for a niche he knows very little about. Now… (View Tweet)

He has been running this funnel for almost a year now… And he has made quite a few sales. So you can’t say he doesn’t understand his audience. He does. So anyway… Back to the story. He reads the ad out-loud to me while we’re on the phone… All excited… He reads: (View Tweet)

“Are you tired of struggling to keep your indoor plants alive? Do you want to learn a proven technique for keeping your plants healthy and thriving? Our course has helped hundreds of people like you to transform their home into vibrant, green oases…” Now. Is that good copy? (View Tweet)

We could argue about that. But the next thing he told me is where it really gets bad. He said… “I asked ChatGPT to add social proof after this paragraph and…” He keeps reading. It wrote: “Here’s what our students have to say about this course: (View Tweet)

‘I used to kill every plant I touched, but after taking his course, I’ve been able to keep my plants alive and healthy for months!’” This goes on and on but I wanna stop here. Look at this last sentence. What’s wrong with it? Can you spot it? I’ll give you a minute. (View Tweet)

Already moving on? Did you think about it? Stop reading. Take a shot. What’s wrong with the “social proof” that ChatGPT added? No? Nothing? THINK. Come on. Don’t blindly scroll. That’s not how you become better. Take a shot! Then keep reading… (View Tweet)

Let me repeat that: “I used to kill every plant I touched, but after taking his course, I’ve been able to keep my plants alive and healthy for months!” WHAT’S WRONG ABOUT THIS SENTENCE? Copywriters and business owners will say “nothing. It’s good.” And that’s why… (View Tweet)

That’s why copywriters will die out. Business owners will write their own ads. Copywriters will use ChatGPT to write ads for them. Both will fail. Just like this ad would. But whyyyy? I know. I’ve been dragging this on for too long. Just making a point :) Here’s why: (View Tweet)

The sentence “I used to kill every plant I touched”. That’s what’s wrong. The reason? If you haven’t guessed it yet… The reason is because the ad is targeting LOW awareness people. People who are just NOW getting into growing their own plants. “So what?” So this: (View Tweet)

There are two issues with that: Those people have not yet bought ANYTHING in this niche. So you’re their first purchase. What are the chances they will START spending money now if they haven’t spent any before? Close to zero. Right? Good. Now the second problem… (View Tweet)

Their awareness level is LOW. And you’re writing an ad trying to solve a problem. Show them a solution. A solution to a problem that’s not hurtful. They’re not invested enough in their craft. It’s not an urgent problem. The WORST audience to target. Right? Then… (View Tweet)

Hopefully you start understanding what the future holds for us: Business owners will use AI to write ads and nothing will work. They’ll focus on BS like changing the product instead of fixing the copy. Copywriters? They’ll just give up. Extinction-level event. Understand? (View Tweet)

But CopyThinkers? Oh boy. CopyThinkers are gonna shine. The skill of being able to look at a piece of copy - and with a SNAP of a finger understand it’s not gonna sell… Man… That looks like magic to everyone else. Now there is a silver lining. Or even two of them… (View Tweet)

CopyThinkers will become more in-demand than ever. ChatGPT will transform the research process for CopyThinkers ONLY. And this is what I wanted to talk to you about today :) Do you want me to show you how CopyThinkers can leverage the HELL out of ChatGPT? (View Tweet)

I’ll gladly write it. There’s only one problem. I wanted to keep that information for our CopyThinking community. But I’ll write it if this thread gets 600 RTs. Wanna try? Give it a go. RT this and if your fellow readers will do the same… I’ll write a thread :) (View Tweet)

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Seems like the thread on how to use ChatGPT for.. • Market research • Coming up with products • And even CREATING products… Is approaching. I see a lot of people who like/RT this thread are not following. Don’t you wanna be here for the next thread? 😉 @GrammarHippy. (View Tweet)

We got 600 RTs. Here’s the thread. As promised: (View Tweet)