The Accountant's Story
The Accountant's Story

The Accountant's Story

Although Pablo claimed his money had been earned in real estate, in 1983 Minister of Justice Rodrigo Lara Bonilla accused him of being a drug dealer; for the first time the rumors had become public. (Location 56)

Pablo knew that profits generated more loyalty than fear. People who did business with Pablo and were honest made a lot of money; only those people who cheated him, stole from him, threatened him, or betrayed him suffered at his hands. (Location 401)

This was long before Pablo had established his reputation for terror and he couldn’t fight them on his own. In fact, it was because of his offer to pay these people a fair salary that most of them who had already taken merchandise from the containers even returned what they had stolen. (Location 404)

To secure the money he was paid, he built caletas, hiding places or safes, in the walls of his house in which he kept tens of thousands of dollars. They were protected with electronic doors that only he knew how to open. (Location 417)

Eventually Pablo asked me to manage this money. It was my job to make payments to all his employees, deposit the money in banks and other secure places, and to begin making smart investments. (Location 441)

The Medellín cartel was actually many independent drug dealers who got close together for their mutual profit and protection, but each of them continued to run his own operation. (Location 780)

The Medellín cartel was very different from the cartel running in the city of Cali, which got started around the same time. (Location 788)

Pablo did not often show his emotions openly. In the best or the worst situations he was always in control, he always appeared calm. (Location 858)

I know that Pablo was earning so much cash that each year we would simply write off approximately 10 percent of our money because the rats would eat it or it would be damaged beyond use by water and dampness. (Location 888)

At one point, for example, because so many people had to be paid, the minimum amount we could transport on each flight was three hundred kilos, anything less would result in a loss. (Location 893)

Among the groups well known for cleaning money were the Jewish people with the black hats, long curled sideburns, and black coats. (Location 1138)

All the good things he did should be remembered. If Pablo had not been so successful as a drug trafficker that he attracted the attention of the world he would have continued his good works. (Location 1284)

There was intense security on every part of the property, some of it easily seen, but more of it concealed. No one could get through the gates to the house unless they were cleared personally by Pablo. (Location 1405)

Even in America it was well known that the father of the beloved JFK had made a fortune from the sale of illegal alcohol. (Location 1461)

The whole idea of getting involved in politics seemed very bad to both me and Gustavo. We were very much against it. In the business we were in, the last thing you want is attention; in politics, attention is first and necessary. (Location 1463)

On the first day he was to take office I was there with him, but I was to leave the country to go do business for my bicycle company, my right business. (Location 1526)