The First Client I Ever...
The First Client I Ever...

The First Client I Ever...

The first client I ever landed paid me $15,000+/mo. I knew nothing about marketing. And yet… I spent only 3 hours a week working his business. Here’s the juicy story with ALL the details. And how you can copy me and do the same: A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

This is not clickbait. And I’m not exaggerating. Not when I say how much he paid me… And not when I say that you can do the same. You literally can copy-paste what I did and get very similar results. Right now. So… Let’s get started: (View Tweet)

First you need to know who the client is and how much money they made before me: They were a cyber security school. Selling frontal 6-month courses. They sold them for about $8k at the time. And when I met them? They were making $30K/mo. Now… a quick disclaimer: (View Tweet)

The numbers I’m gonna share with you are not precise. But they’re very close. To the best of my memory. Okay. Ready? 👇 (View Tweet)

Their funnel looked like this: FB ad -> phone lead -> qualification call -> meeting -> close. Now… Their Facebook ad said this: “Come learn the luxurious cyber security profession from the best school in the country. Over 500 happy students” 🤮 (View Tweet)

They sold cyber security. Just like their competitors. I knew I could scale them! So here was my offer: “Pay me only when a student has bought”. I asked for $100/student. A no-brainer offer. They instantly agreed. And here’s what I did for them: (View Tweet)

Instead of selling “cyber security” courses? I sold money. So my ad looked a lot like this: “Don’t wanna go to college and spend 3 years wasting your life away? Come to the highest-paying profession in hi-tech. Cyber security. A 6-month course is all that you need”. 👇 (View Tweet)

This instantly got them from $30k/mo to $75k/mo. The same month. Why? Because their cost per lead went down from around $20 to $10. And all I did? Was to change their messaging to appeal to a broad audience and flame their desire to earn well without college. Now… (View Tweet)

That was a nice start. But at some point I counted and they closed an awfully small number of leads. So… Now that I felt I had built some trust with them… I came to the CEO with a new offer. “I’ll get my own sales guy to close. Pay us $800/student”. He said YES 👇 (View Tweet)

And I took a good friend of mine to do the sales. We jumped to $125k/mo the following month. But that wasn’t enough. And competition started catching up. So we killed them with two moves: We almost literally killed other schools. Here’s what we did: (View Tweet)

Move 1: we created a better offer. We called a laptop manufacturer who sold us laptops at bulk. We got a good price. And changed the ad to: “sign up this month and get a free laptop”. Obviously we bumped up the price of the course by how much the laptop cost us. A good move. (View Tweet)

This drove our cost per lead down from $10/lead to $5/lead. And almost doubled our meeting-close-rate. Why? Because the offer was amazing! Or at least the perceived value of the offer. This is where we got them to about $220k/mo. They started hiring and expanding. (View Tweet)

And then we made our final move. A move that would position this cyber security school as the best-selling in the whole country. And all it took was one phone call. To the bank. Here’s what we did: (View Tweet)

Move 2: Ask the bank to allow students to pay with instalments. The banked closed a deal with us. And offered our students 62 instalments. $100/month. This is where we won. Because it allowed us to add the following sentence to our ads: 👇 (View Tweet)

“Start studying. And pay less than 5% of the tuition. Pay the rest when you’re working as a cyber security specialist”. And I also added: “you can apply to your first job after 3 months in the course”. People like quick results. So they LOVED it! And… (View Tweet)

Our cost per lead went down to $1/lead. And conversion rate on meetings almost doubled again. This is when the school hit $350k/mo or so. And this is where trouble began. A new CEO came. And he thought he was smart… So what did he decide to do? You know it. (View Tweet)

Tell us that he can’t pay us that much. He offered us a bad deal. I left. My “friend” betrayed me and said he can do my marketing part without me. Three months later they both called me. Begging for me to come back. I said no. My friend left. This was about 3 years ago and… (View Tweet)

Since then? I get a call from the CEO every couple of months. I told him what I’ll tell you: “If a person betrays you once - shame on him. If he does it twice - shame on you”. I’m never coming back. Money is not an issue to discuss even. So… (View Tweet)

Remember: the numbers I’ve used are approximates. And might not exactly add up. But I do have three pieces of advice for you: Find businesses who are positioning themselves wrongly. It’s easy to fix. And you can charge a lot. (View Tweet)

Know who to trust. And never give a person an opportunity to betray you twice. If possible - try to protect yourself with a contract. Because all those “commission-based” offers are not understood by many high corporate positions. Remember those. (View Tweet)

Now. I have to tell you that it took me years to go through this story to tell it to you. And hours thinking and writing it down. Wanna say “thank you”? Retweet this thread. Took me years to write this. Takes you a second to retweet. Retweet the first tweet 👇 (View Tweet)

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