Tweets From George Ten
Tweets From George Ten

Tweets From George Ten

A year ago nobody knew who I was. Now I have: • 70k+ followers and get • DMs from people who wanna pay me $10,000+/mo for my services. Give me 4 minutes and I’ll show you how to: • Create UNIQUE content • Grow your acc FAST • Get ENDLESS clients. A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

It took me 16 months to grow from 0 to 114K followers. But more importantly? I created an industry of one. And I have no clue how I did it. So I spent the last two weeks reverse-engineering myself. And here’s how I’d do it again (and you can too). A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

If you have less than 1,000 followers… And you’re spending your time writing tweets and threads… You’re doing it wrong. How I grew 35-60 followers per day when I had less than 1,000 followers: Almost without tweeting. A thread 🧵 << (View Tweet)

Want to see the ad I wrote for a startup… That literally performed 10 TIMES BETTER than their existing ads… (They had 100s of ads that top agencies wrote for them over a time-span of 8 years). Mine beat their BEST one by 10x. First try. A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

I took a business from 3 leads/week to 100 leads PER DAY. While spending LESS money on ads. How? I flipped their funnel upside-down. And you can learn to do the same: A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

How to craft slam-dunk offers without overcomplicating it: 99% of your competitors aren’t doing this. A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

I got married 4 months ago. Our wedding planner made the PERFECT wedding for us. So I spent 30 minutes helping grow her business. She blew up her business by 15x in a month. Here are the 3 things I taught her that you can use for your business. A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

How do you write a high-converting sales page that prints money? The number one thing you need to know before building one… Is structure. The last one I built sold $600,000. Here’s the structure I used: A thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

Wanna get the exact step-by-step framework to launching like a pro? The last two launches we did: $53,350 to a TINY list ($97 product) $305,500 ($47 product to an OLD list). Without all the “5-4-3 spots left” BS. A CopyTHINKING Thread 🧵<<< (View Tweet)

Is it possible to market a business with ZERO market research? It is. If you understand three concepts: • The CopyThinking strategy • The brute-force strategy hackers use • And basic funnenology. Here’s how we marketed an accountant: A CopyTHINKING Thread 🧵<<< (View Tweet)

Interviewed a guy making $100k/mo on Instagram. He got to that point FASTER than anyone I’ve ever seen. The reason? He has a repeatable process that you too can use. If… If you understand this… A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

Prediction: 2023 is gonna be the year that ChatGPT will replace most copywriters. CopyThinkers will stay. Copywriters will die out. Here’s a LIVE example of an ad ChatGPT wrote and why CopyThinkers will thrive… While copywriters will die out. A CopyThinking Thread 🧵<<< (View Tweet)

The first client I ever landed paid me $15,000+/mo. I knew nothing about marketing. And yet… I spent only 3 hours a week working his business. Here’s the juicy story with ALL the details. And how you can copy me and do the same: A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

I wrote copy for dozens of information product funnels. There’s one thing that sky-rocketed conversions more than anything else. Every single sales page should have this: A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

I've written 7 figure sales pages. Some friends - 8 figure ones. And after going through all of them today? I have one piece of advice for you: Instead of looking at the sales page as a whole... ... Focus 90% of your time and effort on "the sandwich": A Thread 🧵 <<< (View Tweet)

The day I made $67K in ONE day was life-changing. Not because of the money… But because they all laughed at me when I told them my plan. A thread about how I scaled an e-Com store with FB ads… without touching FB ads. 🧵: (View Tweet)

Building a personal brand is easy. Look at what everyone in your space is doing. Find one thing they’re doing that you disagree with. Talk about that. Repeat it often. Find more of those things. Repeat them often. That’s how you carve out your own space. (View Tweet)

What if I could show you a matrix.. Where I take three businesses and show you how EACH one could pick ONE feature… And beat the other two with that one single feature? And how the other two can do the same to beat the first one? A CopyThinking Thread 🧵<<< (View Tweet)