Tweets From Usman - SEO
Tweets From Usman - SEO

Tweets From Usman - SEO

You really only need three tools to do SEO: Ahrefs GA/GSC Screaming Frog Everything else is 'nice to have' but not needed (View Tweet)

If you’re not using these 8 SEO tools, you’re missing out on tons of $$$: (View Tweet)

We increased a brand's organic traffic by 2,900% with SEO. This was done with 0 Ads. Here’s the exact 4-step plan we used: (STEAL THIS) (View Tweet)

You could turn your tiny business into a powerhouse solely through SEO. Getting it to rank on the 1st page of Google will increase your sales by 100x. If you’re still ignoring SEO, you’re ignoring growth & money. (View Tweet)

If you’re site lost traffic recently, do the following: Stop relying on niche edits, instead focus on guest posts or even HARO Increase your trust signals via PR/social media Focus on topic clusters with clever internal linking Watch traffic go up (View Tweet)

Some quick ways to build social signals: Keep your social media accounts regularly updated Run a press release campaign (I like Magic PR) Upload your site to directories This should be enough to gain your site some trust (View Tweet)

Published another AI blog piece ~ CBD niche (tough) ~ 1800 words ~ Minimal editing ~ Cost = $4 Ranking on the 1st page in 1 day (View Tweet)

My backlink strategy for eCom stores: • 50% of links to homepage • 25% to collection pages • 25% to blog pages Don’t waste your time sending links to the product page (View Tweet)

ChatGPT’s rival Google Bard is taking the world by storm. Here’s how to optimize your SEO for Google Bard:


Five ways to improve your articles: Add an author Add table of contents Shorten paragraphs Bold keywords Create internal links Most sites aren’t doing this (View Tweet)

You don’t need 100s of tools to do SEO. Here are the only 4 SEO tools you truly need: (View Tweet)

AI didn’t kill their business Like most agencies they probably overpromised and under delivered Ticking time bomb, AI was just the last line (View Tweet)