Wanna Get the Exact Step...
Wanna Get the Exact Step...

Wanna Get the Exact Step...

Wanna get the exact step-by-step framework to launching like a pro? The last two launches we did: $53,350 to a TINY list ($97 product) $305,500 ($47 product to an OLD list). Without all the “5-4-3 spots left” BS. A CopyTHINKING Thread 🧵<<< (View Tweet)

Here’s the problem with launching. Marketers hear the world “launch” and they start selling. “ACCESS OPEN! ONLY 200 SPOTS!!”… And start bombarding their list with “100 spots left” “47 spots left” I wanna throw up when I see that. Wanna know why? (View Tweet)

Look. Ask anyone who has ever done a launch. Here’s how it works: Most people buy in the beginning (first email)… Or in end (“last hour left” email). Very FEW people buy in-between. So why is it a problem to keep sending “spots left” emails? (View Tweet)

Here’s why: You’re KILLING your open rate. Boring people to death. So you could get SOME sales from those emails. But… Your next launch (or any promotion) will flop. People will stop opening emails. But there’s one more thing everyone is overlooking: (View Tweet)

Most of the sales don’t come from the launch. No. I’m not crazy. Hear me out. Most sales come from the pre-launch. From what happens BEFORE you start selling. And I’m gonna show you exactly how to structure your pre-launch. Here’s how: (View Tweet)

The pre-launch happens AT LEAST a week or two BEFORE you start selling. Why? You need to build a NARRATIVE first (CopyTHINKING *wink wink 😉 *) You create demand from within your audience. You wanna know how many DMs I got about when a community/product is coming? (View Tweet)

You don’t wanna. Because I don’t know. I stopped opening DMs weeks ago. Got your narrative nailed down into your audience? Good. Here’s what you do: 7-14 days BEFORE the launch you start hinting. You’re not saying anything specific. Only HINTING (*wink wink😉 *) Then… (View Tweet)

7 days before the launch you start teasing. Saying something is happening. Something’s coming. Do I need to keep winking or do you understand what’s happening now? Anyway… Here’s how you structure the 7 days before the launch: (View Tweet)

First 2 days: saying something is coming. NOT saying what. Next 2 days: sharing behind-the-scenes. Sharing that you’re building something. You still don’t say what it is. Next 2 days: start digging into their problems (that your product solves). How? (View Tweet)

You keep pushing pain points. You still don’t say what’s coming. You’re only preparing your audience/list. You’re building pain and desire. And then… Last day… Is when you say something MORE specific. But you still don’t show your cards. No. All you do is… (View Tweet)

You tell them you’re gonna help them solve pain/problems (that you’ve agitated before). But you are more specific. You tell them when the launch will happen (you don’t call it launch). “Tomorrow 12AM EST be ready with your mouse on the email inbox). Good. Then… (View Tweet)

You can send one more email an hour before the launch starts. Remind them. Then… You launch. Here are the characteristics of a phenomenal launch: You open the cart for 72 hours or LESS. Why? People don’t buy in-between. So what? Right? Well… (View Tweet)

The longer the cart is open… The more BS emails you need to send in-between. “Only 73 spots left I swear on mom’s lifeeeee!” “And only 48 hours lefttttt promiseeee.” Emails that don’t move the needle but only exhaust your list. Then… (View Tweet)

The beginning of the launch is all about VISIBILITY. You send an email. Then… Re-send it with a different subject line some time after to non-openers. And you can do this several times. Until MOST of your list has seen that the launch has started. Good. Then… (View Tweet)

The in-between emails. Emails that you send after the visibility campaign and before the “closing in an hour” one. You can literally send AS MANY as you want of those. Yes. Even once an hour. No problem. As long as… They’re INTERESTING. What does that mean? (View Tweet)

Stories. Just stories. Stories about: • Your journey • How you made the course • Clients you’ve worked with And anything else you want… As long as it’s interesting. Keyword: interesting. None of this “3 spots left” garbage. But there’s one more trick in my sleeve: (View Tweet)

You launch simultaneously on all of your channels. Instagram. Twitter. Email list. Whatever else you might have. But mostly… In your group if you have one (FB or Discord for example). Why? Well… This is the secret sauce. Ready? (View Tweet)

You PIN the launch post on the top in the group. Then… When people buy they’ll have a call-to-action on the thank-you page. Wanna get bonus X? Go to the group and write “I’m in” or “I bought!” Why would you do that? Good question. Thanks for asking. This is why: (View Tweet)

The bandwagon effect. People in your group will see all their peers buying. And the jealousy? Oh the sweet-sweet jealousy… The jealousy would force them to buy too. And then they comment. And others see. THE BANDWAGON EFFECT. But that’s not all. (View Tweet)

You bribe your clients one more time. “If you upload a testimonial in the next X hours - you get a free BONUS.” Yes. Another bonus. Why do we want their testimonial? You guessed it. We’re gonna use it in the group for even more pressure. And write emails about it. Then… (View Tweet)

Send one last email an hour before the close. Mention the close but TELL A STORY. None of your emails should just be “last spots” or “last X hours”. Why? You get to keep your email list and not burn it with every launch you do. And one last step: (View Tweet)

Close the launch. Close it on time. Or if you had 200 spots… and they’ve all sold out? CLOSE THE SALE. Don’t allow more people in. Your credibility is worth more than a couple more buyers. Now. Why is this framework so magical? (View Tweet)

One reason. It allows you to launch as many times and the list will keep buying. Why? You’re not boring then to death. And not spamming them. That’s how we convert 8-12% of the list YEARS LATER. With every launch. Now. One last thought: (View Tweet)

You’d agree this thread is worth thousands of dollars. And it is. I was gonna sell this information. But I’ve decided to release it for free. I don’t want your money. But there’s one thing I do want. Some of you know I’m in a competition to 100k followers. Now… (View Tweet)

My competitor is at 99.7k. I’ll go to sleep tonight… and wake up to his 100k. And I lost. This is my Hail Mary. My last chance to win. And god knows I wanna win 😉 Can you help me win? Do the unbelievable? Retweet the crap out of this. Let’s win! (View Tweet)

By the way… Can you imagine his facial expression if I win at the last moment? 😆 Priceless. Also… If you’re not following me… Don’t forget to follow me @GrammarHippy. You could be the follow that helps us win :) Thank you for reading. (View Tweet)