We Booked 10-12 Calls/Da...
We Booked 10-12 Calls/Da...

We Booked 10-12 Calls/Da...

We booked 10-12 calls/day on auto-pilot using a $5/hr phone setter This is the ULTIMATE sauce to ramp up your calendars. Here’s the exact breakdown. (Deleting in 72 hours, shit’s too good) (View Tweet)

So first one, what’s a phone setter? Now phone setter is like your average VA, but all they do is 1 thing and one thing alone. Pick up the phone. And dial. (View Tweet)

But they don’t cold dials. Instead these phone setter will dials your warm leads, your opt-ins, anyone that inbounds to your agency. (View Tweet)

Which leads to our next point. Generating inbound. And we need a channel, and CTA that brings in the most amount of inbounds. (View Tweet)

Here’s a list of few ways we do it: Offer value doc Offer free training video in a funnel Offers a demo walkthrough of your mechanism Above generates by far the most inbounds with little friction to your audiences. (View Tweet)

Now we got the offer. What’s next? Channel. You want to send these offers in one or all of these channels: Emails, FB posts/groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn (if you have big following). And do not ask for call. (View Tweet)

Your CTA should be: Can I send it over? Say “yes” and I’ll send the free value over. Mind if I share those demo over? All you want them to do is to say “Yes” to those offer. (View Tweet)

And on top of that, you also wanna have an opt-in on your funnel. A main opt-in to the value as well as opt-in to your main VSL. And only ask for their name, email, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, phone number. (View Tweet)

Now you have opt-in and the resources being blasted out. The volume is HUGE at this point. (View Tweet)

Last step, automations. You wanna make sure every opt-ins, and every “positive replies” are being notified to the phone setters. And these phone setters will call these guys up under 5mn. (View Tweet)

What’s the script, you ask? So to minimize “Hang-ups”, these phone setters will ask 1 question. ”Hey FNAME, just saw you requested the free training video. We just sent you those, were you able to access it?” ”Great! Btw, may i ask what kind of agency are you running atm” (View Tweet)

BOOM! That’s it. And then let them run through the script. In average, Phone setter should be able to book 1-2 appt for every 10 dials. A well-trained phone setter, can book up to 2-4 for every 10 dials. (View Tweet)

That’s all the thread for today. Thanks for listening. Btw, do you want to book 10-20 appt per week for your agency on a pay-per-show model? Check our offer here: https://t.co/dXMIIfqjoc (View Tweet)

Want to add an extra 10-20 calls a week for your B2B offer? Grab our free training here: https://t.co/dXMIIfqjoc (View Tweet)